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Enterprise-Focused Startups: Apply to VentureEngine

By Allie Maltese (Marketing, Global Strategic Management Institute)
Global Strategic Management Institute is proud to present the Enterprise Tomorrow Conference & Exhibition (September 13-15, 2011 in San Francisco) featuring the first ever startup competition, VentureEngine.

The competition is geared towards companies and products focusing on innovative enterprise software and technologies with the market of the following five themes — collaboration, crowdsourcing, social communication, enterprise mobility and gamification.
Unlike other startup competitions, there is no fee to enter.
Seven finalists will be selected to present their idea in front of a panel of influential investors. Startups have 5 minutes to present their idea, followed by 2 minutes of Q & A and panelist feedback. The top finalist, chosen by our panel, will a cash prize. We will also have the audience chose their “fan” favorite, and the winner will receive a $1,500 cash prize (provided by conference producer GSMI).

I would like to invite the Women 2.0 community to sign up for VentureEngine! It’s super easy to apply and remember, there’s no fee to do so. Simply click here to fill out an entry form, and then wait patiently for us to contact you about your entry.

Rules and Eligibility for VentureEngine:

  1. Launch a working version of your product at VentureEngine.
  2. Companies presenting products that have been released for more than 6 months will not be accepted.
  3. You must be at the startup phase and received angel funding, Series A funding or less to be eligible.
  4. Apply before August 18, 2011.

Woman have been coming up in the tech world, and why shouldn’t they be?

According to Aileen Lee’s insightful post on TechCrunch, “Why Women Rule the Internet”, she makes a great point stating “Female users are the unsung heroines behind the most engaging, fastest growing, and most valuable consumer internet and e-commerce companies.” She also mentions some female-founded companies that are doing something right like Birchbox, Plum District and Shopkick.

Lee says they are “building real revenue and real community, really fast, by purposefully harnessing the power of the female consumer.” To the females out there reading this, try and take this into account — females statistically have shown to have more cred on the Internet.

To quote another TechCrunch piece, Christina Brodbeck’s article “Women and Tech: Focus On Female Consumers And The Founders Will Follow” talks about the impact women have on the web and lists some great statistics of female power on the Internet.

Brocbeck states that after doing her homework, “Females are just as or even more enthusiastic than males about technology and the web. The difference is in the types of web products and services females embrace and how they put these to use in their daily lives.” Point being that female entrepreneurs need not look further than harnessing the power they already have.

For more info on VentureEngine and the Enterprise Tomorrow Conference, click here.

Women 2.0 members save 10% on the conference with discount code “ALLIE10”. And remember, VentureEngine entries are free, and if you are picked, you will also receive 2 free passes to the event along with a bunch of other good stuff.

Female founder running an enterprise-focused startup?

Tell us about yourself in the comments below!

About the guest blogger: Allie Maltese is in charge of Marketing and Public Relations for Social Media Strategies Series, Green Data Center and Cloud Control and Enterprise Tomorrow at GSMI. Prior to moving to San Diego in January 2011, Allie was living in New York City where she worked in public relations. Allie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications from Fashion Institute of Technology. Follow her on Twitter at @alliemaltese and VentureEngine at @ventureengine.



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