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Day 2: Women 2.0 Startup Weekend 2011 (Meet The Teams)

By Salem Kimble (Volunteer, Women 2.0 Startup Weekend 2011)
It’s edging on towards late evening on Saturday, November 19, 2011 with a good number of the 22 teams still going strong.

This year’s startups will be pitching everything from fashion to language learning. The size of the startup team varies greatly with several teams of 6 or more people and just a few one and two person groups.

Here’s the breakdown, working titles, missions and happy faces of the developers, designers, business/marketing pros.

Team “Where’s Busy?”

Find the bar atmosphere you want – never be bored in a bar again.

Team “Safe Steps”

Living in the city, women on the go often feel unsafe, safe steps provides you peace of mind, while safely getting you to your destination.

Team “iCauldron”

Enjoy ethnic cuisine in the comfort of your home – bringing together home cooks to connect you with the food you love or want to learn about.

Team “PointA2Z”

A peer to peer market place – connecting people with packages to ship with people driving. Rideshare for your packages.

Team “Living with Me”

Leveraging social media to connect roommates.

Team “Stylematic”

Instant product recommendations while you shop for clothes, using photos and barcodes.

Team “TellTale”

A marketplace for live storytelling.

Team “Who Said That?”

Visualized reviews and comments for anything.

Team “Toss & Scramble”

A recipe ingredient aggregator that lets you pick the top ingredients and make your own recipe.

Team “Fly with Me”

Matching people on flights, so you can sit with people with shared interests.

Team “D4”

A feedback tool for bicycle component manufacturers to be aware of problems and concerns with products.

Team “Wedding Planner”

The only tool you’ll ever need to plan your wedding.

Team “Soup is Love”

Make someone you love happy, send soup from our volunteer chefs!

Team “ScatterPlot”

Make better decisions with ScatterPlot, a visualization tool that aggregates all of your activities.

Team “Gusto”

Helping small businesses schedule their classes and making class invitation sharing easy and social.

Team “Get Art Up”

Renting art by subscription for your businesss. Get art up in your start up!

Team “Perfect Beauty”

Connect with trusted beauty reviews from people like you.

Team “_theKofP”

We help companies find qualified and available freelancers by location.

Team “Kavita Health”

Empowering you to build your health network in one place and improving the overall management of your care.

Team “Words With Bears”

Kinetic language learning with flashcards.

Team “CitizenApps”

Helping you to do good nearby.
(No Picture Available)

Team “ParkingGods

The one and only parking app on your phone.

Team “Carbon 38

The Zagat of Fitness.
This post was originally posted at Women 2.0 Startup Weekend 2011.



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