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Inside The Minds Of The Next Generation Of Women In Tech! (Video)

If the world were a laboratory and technology were a drug…
By Julie Wong (Director, Music Around the World!)

The National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) just kicked off public voting now through April 16 for their first “Aspirations in Computing” Teen Video Challenge.

The thought-provoking video “If the World were a Laboratory and Technology were a Drug…” uses metaphor to reflect on the power of technology and the necessity for women to be creators, not just consumers, in the brave new virtual world we are now entering. Eye-opening statistics on the number of women and women of color represented in tech fields!

The new generation of young women in tech is definitely born digital and the 3-minute videos have great technical effects and range from exploiting the technology of the future to disintegrate your younger brother to a mini-Adele singing a soulful tune encouraging young women in tech to rise, girlfriend, rise.

Watch the video and vote for it at the NCWIT Video Challenge here – you can vote once every 24 hrs now through April 16!

Winners announced in May.

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About the guest blogger: Julie Wong is Director at Music Around the World! She has 10 years experience in international marketing, including developing the first computer-run interactive direct marketing campaign for Procter & Gamble with Leo Burnett for Luvs Diapers and breakthrough campaigns in China B.C. (Before Children). Julie is currently teaching music and immersion language in the heart of Silicon Valley. She holds a BA from Yale, an MBA from Northwestern and an MA in Education.



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