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CEO Or Not, You Always Need Feedback

An interview with Deborah Farrington, founder and general partner of StarVest Partners in New York.

By Adam Bryant (Senior Editor, The New York Times)

This interview with Deborah Farrington, a founder and general partner at StarVest Partners, a venture capital firm in New York, was conducted and condensed by Adam Bryant.

Q. What were some important leadership lessons you’ve learned?

A. I found early on as a manager that it was hard to learn how to delegate. I think that most people in their early leadership positions either tend to delegate too little or too much. And I delegated too little at first. I felt I needed to know everything that was going on, so I ended up doing a lot of the work myself that the people who reported to me should have been doing. I found myself working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I stepped back and said, “This is not going to work.”

So I sat down and talked to the people who worked for me, and we agreed on various goals. But then I delegated too much. When they came back at the end of the quarter and I saw what they did, I realized that approach didn’t work well, either. So I learned the importance of weekly check-ins, and then I think I got the balance right.

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Anne-Gail Moreland

Anne-Gail Moreland

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