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Don’t Relegate Date Night To The Weekends

Make time for shared meals, from romantic picnics to lunch plans during the workweek.

By Becky Cruze (Co-Founder, BeCouply)

It seems there is never enough time to do all the things we have to do, much less the things we want to do.

Often we end up prioritizing work above all else, causing our personal relationships to suffer. And, for women in romantic relationships, the one who suffers the most is likely your significant other.

Here’s how Cindy Krischer Goodman put it in a Miami Herald column: “Today is my 23[rd] wedding anniversary. I have to admit that making time for my husband is the trickiest part of the work life balance equation. Deadlines I can’t blow off. My kids, they need me to take them to school or check their homework. But my husband, sometimes he’s the easiest one to push to the back burner.”

As the co-founder of BeCouply, a San Francisco-based startup that helps couples have epic social lives, I must admit that I can relate.

I founded the company with my boyfriend Pius Uzamere. Given that we live and work together, we actually get to spend a lot of time with each other. But, most of that time seems to get eaten up by working on our startup, leaving little quality time for us to spend together as a couple.

So how do we make it work? By having a weekly date night. That probably sounds like advice you’ve heard dozens of times before, but here’s the twist: Don’t relegate your date night to just a Friday or Saturday evening. After all, there is only one Friday night and one Saturday night each week. That’s not leaving you with too many options, especially if you’ve both got busy schedules!

Here are some alternative choices to consider:

Schedule your date night on a weekday evening. Meet right after work and take advantage of happy hour food and drink specials, which often aren’t available on the weekend. Once you’ve got a happy buzz, head to that new restaurant you’ve been dying to try. Chances are good that the wait won’t be as long mid-week!

It’s also important to remember that date night doesn’t actually have to take place after sunset. As long as you and your honey are spending quality time together, it counts as a date in my book. Make a plan to meet for lunch during the week. Schedule the date in advance and put it on your calendars to prevent any meetings from getting in the way.

If the weather’s nice and there’s a park in the area, consider having a romantic picnic — a date that tends to be more enjoyable in the sunshine than at night. Or check out a tasty food truck. The service is usually much faster than at a sit-down restaurant, making them a perfect lunchtime date spot.

Another great option is a breakfast date. Like to cook? Get up a little early and whip up a delicious plate of bacon and eggs or French toast to bring to your sweetie in bed. Or make a plan to leave together for work 30 minutes early and stop at a corner cafe for a fresh pastry and hot cup of coffee or tea. Either way, sharing the most important meal of the day together is sure to start the day off on the right foot!

Anyone who’s ever tried to balance work and a romantic relationship knows that it’s tough. But, by committing to a weekly date night — and by being flexible about what time and day that date occurs — you can ensure that you’ll spend quality time with your sweetie each and every week.

This post was originally posted at Minted Magazine.

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About the guest blogger: Becky Cruze is the co-founder of BeCouply, the mobile app that helps couples have epic social lives. Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, Becky holds a B.A. in Political Communication and with Special Honors for her senior thesis on YouTube advertisements in the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign. Becky lives in San Francisco with her boyfriend and BeCouply co-founder Pius Uzamere. Follow her on Twitter at @beckyloveshugs.

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Anne-Gail Moreland

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