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Rock Health Kicks Off “XX In Health” Week

The “XX in Health Initiative” aims to change the ratio among women leading healthcare.
By Dana Rosenberg (Director of Business Development, Rock Health)

We hear startling statistics on the number of women in leadership positions all too often…

Women represent 19% of law firm partners.
Women hold 17% of the seats in congress.
Women comprise 11% of the investor community.

…and in the healthcare industry, the story doesn’t get any better. While women make up 73% of medical and health services managers, only 4% of healthcare CEOs are women. In 2012, 3 female CEOs managed to raise $2M or more, as compared with 73 of their male counterparts.

While it can be easy to rest on these statistics as a means of catalyzing change, the gals at Rock Health (full disclosure: myself included) have committed to doing something more to improve gender diversity in healthcare.

The “XX in Health Initiative” is a holistic approach at changing the ratio… at least among women in healthcare. It started with an XX Retreat in May, which brought together outstanding women leaders in health to connect, share stories and empower one another, and continues with monthly dinners and networking groups nationwide.

Today, with the official kick-off of XX in Health Week, we extend the soap box to you. We encourage you to share your story – as female entrepreneurs, investors, and technical leaders – and hope that the open dialogue can create awareness and foster meaningful relationships that will continue to advance female leaders.

Below, you’ll find a sample of stories from a number of inspiring men and women in healthcare, who’ve touched upon their experience as investors or entrepreneurs.

Read more posts at XX in Health or join the conversation at hello@rockhealth.org or #xxinhealth on Twitter. For more resources, check out our Rock Report: Women in Healthcare and watch the XX in Health video below.

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About the guest interviewer: Dana Rosenberg is Director of Business Development at Rock Health. She manages strategic partnerships and sponsorships across the Rock Health incubator, events and research. Prior to Rock Health, Dana led user acquisition, engagement, marketing and PR at HealthTap and was a consultant at Easton Associates, a boutique healthcare strategy consulting firm in New York. Dana has a BS in Biology from Duke University. Follow her on Twitter at @DanaRosenberg.



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