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UX Design Scholarship Winner Wendy Fong Shares Her Inspiring Woman Entrepreneur: Catchafire’s Rachel Chong

Wendy Fong (pictured) won a full scholarship to General Assembly’s UX Design course in San Francisco taking place this fall.
By Danielle Barnes (Programming Producer, General Assembly)

We are pleased to announce the recipient of General Assembly’s User Experience Design scholarship for Women 2.0 reader Wendy Fong.

As a teacher, designer, and artist, Wendy has always considered her audience while processing and creating work. She is fascinated by UX design and its multi-layered aspects of psychology, intuition, sociology, culture and visual design.

In response to our question about a female entrepreneur who has inspired you, Wendy shared her admiration for Rachel Chong, CEO and founder of Catchafire, the world’s largest online pro bono talent provider.

Wendy explained that Rachel inspired her to do charitable work within the community while making use of her design skills: “I learned of Ms. Chong while researching types of volunteerism in the areas of web design. I wanted to step outside the classroom and do work that really impacted community. I began doing pro-bono work through her organization, helping a small family services non-profit redesign their website.”

Wendy plans to continue using her new design chops to work with non-profits that are in need of help with their websites. She says, “This scholarship allows me to empower myself and follow the lead of other women in the tech industry, serving as a role model and contributing to community along the way.”

Thank you to everyone who applied for the scholarship! We are so inspired by your energy, passion and determination to develop strong design skills to support the continued growth of your projects.

There are still a few seats left in General Assembly’s User Experience Design course, which begins on September 19 with instructor Christina Wodtke. If you want to dissect, wireframe and user test your way to better websites and new day jobs, we encourage you to apply!

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About the guest blogger: Danielle Barnes is a New Markets Program and Programming Producerat General Assembly, a global network of campuses for technology, business and design. She is currently based in San Francisco where she is producing General Assembly’s long form courses. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and a Master’s degree in Commerce from University of Virginia. Follow her on Twitter at @GA_SF.



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