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Startup Fun: The Unsaid Truth

With so many uncertainties clouding our startup worlds, it is hard to be point blank sometimes.
By Chitra Rakesh (Founder, Chitsie)

When I founded my startup, Chitsie, I promised to myself that I am going to have fun along the way. Somewhere down the road, user traction started getting the better of me. So I’m going to pause for a moment, and share with you how we, early-stage startup founders, tend to field everyday startup questions.

With so many uncertainties clouding our startup worlds, it is hard to be point blank sometimes.

Statutory Warning: Parts have been exaggerated for your reading pleasure.
Q: Who are your next month clients?
A: We don’t disclose our clients ahead of time.

The Unsaid Truth: Dude, I don’t know myself! I’m still looking for them!
Q: What kind of user traction do you have?
A: We haven’t officially published our user numbers yet.

The Unsaid Truth: User traction – What’s that???
Q: Where are your users from?
A: Primarily, United States but we’ve logged visitors from 34 countries and 226 cities across the world.

The Unsaid Truth: And from a lot of those cities, we’ve had only one someone stop by, and that too momentarily!
Q: Who are your investors?
A: We are bootstrapping.

The Unsaid Truth: I so wish I could give you names like Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Google Ventures or Lightspeed Venture Partners.
Q: How many employees to do have?
A: We work with a team of contractors, advisors and interns.

The Unsaid Truth: We can’t afford any employees right now!
Q: Where do you see yourselves five years down the line?
A: Wow, that’s a long time (and then you go on to give a high impact answer…!)

The Unsaid Truth: Lol! I don’t even know if I’ll be around next month!

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And yes, do let me know if you’d like to see a “Startup Fun: The Unsaid Truth (Volume II).”

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About the guest blogger: Chitra Rakesh is Founder of Chitsie, a consumer Internet startup where users can win exciting prizes for participating in free online brand contests. Chitsie helps businesses engage with their users, generate ideas and build user traction in a super fun way by building contests and games, around their brand. Chitra is an MBA with eight years of experience in marketing and brand. She has written for Patch, an AOL online news resource, Hindustan Times and Times of India. Follow her on Twitter at @ChitsieTweet.



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