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Women 2.0’s Female Founder Successes of 2009

This has been perhaps one of the more challenging years we’ve seen. Still, we’ve been celebrating successes on Twitter at @women2 and below.
Are you a female founder with a success to celebrate in 2009? Join the list – here’s how:

Give us a sentence description of your accomplishment(s) in 2009, your full name, company name, and company link or relevant article to foundrtickr@women2.org. This list of Female Founders is limited to founders of technology companies (defined as a company with an engineer on the founding team). A “success” for this list is a company launch, significant product launch, significant milestone reached, funding received or similar success.

Catarina Fake (Co-Founder, Hunch; prev. Co-Founder, Flickr) launches Hunch! (more)

Clara Shih (Founder, Hearsay Labs: Author of bestselling book “The Facebook Era”) launches Internet company Hearsay Labs! (more)

Patricia Araque (Founder, Ellas 2.0) builds a local team and launches Women 2.0’s Official Sister Chapter for Europe Ellas 2.0! (more)

Leila Chirayath Janah (Founder & CEO, Samasource) launches an iPhone app to give work to refugees in the largest camp in the world! (more)

Susan Wu (Founder & CEO, Ohai) launches an online gaming startup is chosen as one of Silicon Valley’s 10 most influential people by San Jose Mercury News! (more)

Poornima Vijayashanker (Founding Engineer, Mint) cashes out with Mint, which sold to Intuit for $170M earlier this year, and is now starting her own startup! (more)

Shinyoung Park (Founder, Funji) wins fbFund and launches official service! (more)

Pokin Yeung (Founder, GeckoGo) joins fbFund and relaunches Travel Brain – currently the #1 app for sharing rich travel experiences on Facebook! (more)

Shanna Tellerman (Founder & CEO, WildPockets) raises $3M from SK Telecom and Levensohn Venture Partners! (more)
Helen Zhu (Co-Founder & CEO, Chictopia) and Corinne Chan (Co-Founder & CTO, Chictopia) become profitable and launch national campaigns for retailers like Topshop! (more)

Dianna Mullins (Co-Founder & SVP, Glam Media) raises another round of funding and launches Tinker, a micro-blog ad network! (more)

Hope Scultz (Founder, WebVet; Women 2.0 PITCH 2008 Finalist) launches with Microsoft! (more)

Danae Ringlemen (Founder, IndieGoGo) becomes #1 crowd-funding platform for film and opens up to music, art, design, new ventures & other creative ideas! (more)

Julie Greenberg (Founder, Jobnob) launches JobNob to connect and empower the job-seeker market! (more)

Alexa Andrzejewski (Founder, Foodspotting; Women 2.0 Jumpstart Your Startup Graduate) launches Foodspotting Alpha in November 2009 with over 3750 foods spotted! (more)

Maria Sipka (Founder, Linqia) launches platform with 230 social networks registering! (more)

Arielle Scott (VP Marketing, Indinero) and Jessica Mah (Founder, Indinero) launch accounting software for small business! (more)

Silvia Console Battilana (Co-Founder, Auctionomics) launches auction software company with world auction expert Paul Milgrom! (more)

Alexis Ringwald (Co-Founder & Director of Business Development, Valence Energy) launches Valence (more)

Suzanne Xie (Co-Founder & CEO, Weardrobe) gets acquired by Like.com in November 2009 and is also a winner of the 2009 fbFund competition. (more)

Susan Kang and Joyce Kim (Co-Founders, Soompi) launch fan clubs! (more)

Huijun Zhou Ring (CEO, YiGene/5iDNA) brings happiness of DNA service to 1 billion Chinese! (more)

Jane Nu Zhang (President, Silk Wings Aviation) reads a book, takes a flight lesson, and starts Silk Wings Aviation! (more)

Laura Fitton (Founder, One Forty) launches and raises $2.4M! (more)

Claire Boonstra (Founder, Layar) leads the mobile world with Augmented Reality with Layar, later in the year mashes up with location-based advertising! (more)

Travis Alber (Founder, BookGlutton) launches e-commerce on e-book social network! (more)

Anju Mathew (Co-Founder, LumaMed; Women 2.0’s Pitch 2009 Winner) cuts health care costs and saves people from skin cancer with the launch of LumaMed! (more)

Charisse McAuliffe (Founder, GenGreenLife; PITCH 2009 Finalist) merges with Vancouver based 3rdWhale Mobile and launches the ‘Find Green’ mobile app across 3 platforms! (more)

Rashmi Sinha (Founder & CEO, Slideshare) launches SlideShare for businesses – premium services for the SlideShare community! (more)

Mathilde Pignol (Founder, ZipZap Play) attracts cute animals, users and revenue with the launch of Happy Habitat! (more)

Ninas Alastruey (Founder, The Channer) launches to bring long-tail TV content to your mobile phone, and moves from Barcelona to Silicon Valley! (more)

Shruti Challa and Amara Humphry (Co-Founders, Tribal Atmosphere) launch Tribal Atmosphere (GoTribal) and GoHappi! (more)

Jessica Emmerich (Founder, The Dead Hub/The Live Hub AKA “The Hubs”) launches social media marketing site and grows reader base at her music media site, The Dead Hub! (more)

Priya Narasimhan (Founder & CEO, YinzCam) builds mobile live streaming solutions for other sports fans as well as mobile 311 apps to help city governments and empower residents! (more)

Natalie Gordon (Co-Founder, Lenguajero) launches language learning community where people meet to practice conversational Spanish and English! (more)

Shaherose Charania (Co-Founder, Women 2.0) cashes out a little with Telefonica’s acquisition of JAJAH where she was Director of Product Management and Marketing! (more)

Rachael Chong (Founder & CEO, Catchafire) completes pilot program for web-based service connecting volunteering professionals with non-profits that need skilled volunteers! (more)

Leah Busque (Founder, RunMyErrand) develops 100% of the website, which helps individuals and SMBs in a community outsource their tasks and deliveries! (more)

Michelle Bonat (Founder & CEO, RumbaFish) launches at DEMO and is named top 10 most innovative app companies by IDC! (more)

Andrea Chang (Co-Founder & CEO) and Gabi Barragan (Co-Founder & COO, Braingig) connect graduate students in the sciences with those seeking their expertise! (more)

Danielle Fong (Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, LightSailEnergy) raises funding for inexpensive, efficient energy storage systems in the plan to make the world’s electrical grid green! (more)

Suzanne Perkins (Co-Founder & CEO, Answers for Elders) receives funding and builds private beta for social site and portal targeting boomers seeking answers for their elderly parents! (more)

Maria Trullàs (Founder & CEO, Cuponeo) launches free mobile coupons in Barcelona via SMS in July 2009 and will soon launch in other main Spanish cities! (more)

Arlyn Davich (Founder & CEO, PayPerks) launches perks platform rewarding usage of paperless payment solutions, wins Columbia Business School Lang Fund for Entrepreneurship! (more)

Christine Lemke (Co-Founder & COO, Sense Networks) raises another round of funding from Intel Capital for one of the world’s most intriguing startups according to BusinessWeek! (more)

Jennie Lees (Founder, Affect Labs) launches FestBuzz this year for her Edinburgh-based data intelligence startup! (more)

Six months pregnant, Michelle Crames (Co-Founder & CEO, giiv) raises seed funding from Eric Schmidt, launches, then raises Series A when her daughter is 3 months old! (more)

Victoria Ransom (Founder & CEO, Wildfire) leads Wildfire to profitability in a year, builds an impressive client list, and wins FbFund twice! (more)

Jen McCabe (Founder & CEO, Contagion Health) launches Get Up and Move!, a social motivation app and microfitness exchange on Twitter! (more)

Emily Greer (Co-Founder, Kongregate) reaches 20k games uploaded, 8 million monthly unique visitors, and launches Konduit app platform for social games! (more)

Vicki Saunders (Founder & CEO, Zazengo) works with Walmart on a global employee-engagement program using Zazengo’s white-label platform and launches Facebook app Hopenhagen! (more)

Unha Engels (Co-Founder & Creative Director, Curious Brain) launches guitar learning app which shot to top 5 in app store’s music category within a few weeks and still remains in top 10! (more)

Margot Eiran (Founder & CEO, HomeEnergySaver) launches! (more)

Julia Hartz (Co-Founder and President, Eventbrite) secures $6.5M in funding from Sequoia Capital and welcomes Roelof Botha to the board of directors! (more)

Jessica Jackley and Dana Mauriello (Co-Founders, ProFounder) launch in August to help SMBs raise seed and growth capital through crowdfunding! (more)

Christina Brodbeck (Co-Founder & CEO, Pickv & Founding Team Member, YouTube) launches Pickv in alpha and angel invests in Heyzap! (more)

Annie Chang (Co-Founder, Lolapps) launches social gaming platform of games and applications on Facebook, entertaining over 44M unique users per month! (more)

Jen Bekman (Founder, 20×200) closes a Series A round led by True Ventures; other investors include Founder Collective, Ron Conway, and Scott Heiferman! (more)

Stephanie Renda (Founder & CEO of a German-American startup in mobile b2b apps) receives funding and launches apps, including MemberScout for Lufthansa frequent flyers program! (more)

Caroline Dahllöf and Carolyn Uy (Co-Founders, Lyn And Line) launch educational story apps for pre-school kids for Android and iPhone, starting with The Rescue of Ginger! (more)

Kelly Fitzsimmons (Co-Founder & CEO, HarQen) raises $2.7M and successfully launches VoiceScreener – TiVo(TM) for interviews) – to the staffing and recruiting space! (more)

Laura Valverde García (Co-Founder & CEO, Beecoder) launches software development company making Ruby on Rails apps, the last product integrating Shopify with Facebook! (more)

Michele Colucci (Founder & CEO, MyLawsuit) launches social empowerment network connecting those who have lawsuits with lawyers who take their cases for contingency fees! (more)

Diana Hage (CEO, RFID Global Solution; Founder, Quantum Leap Technologies) launches Visi-Trac software for real time visibility of assets and supply chains, and grows 30% in 2009! (more)

Promise Phelon (Founder & CEO, UpMo) raises over $2M in private investment and creates strategic channel partnerships for online career management service! (more)

Tina Bean (Co-Founder & VP of Sales and Marketing, VisiStat) launches product for her real-time analytics company that provides B2B Website Caller ID, called LeadCaster! (more)

Keara Schwartz (Founder & President, Share Some Sugar) launches online service that finds someone in your neighborhood willing to lend you something that you need! (more)

Cathy Edwards (Co-Founder & CTO, Chomp) worked on an app to show users relevant & personalized iPhone apps; officially announced on January 6, 2010! (more)

Other Related Awesomeness:
Sarah Allen and Sarah Mei (Co-Founders, RailsBridge) launch free Ruby classes with SF Ruby and taught over 200 women and girls (and some men!) how to program in Ruby! (more)

Wendy Lea (CEO, Get Satisfaction) joins Get Satisfaction and talks to Women 2.0! (more)

Rebecca Weeks Watson (Founding executive, Real Girls Network) grows RGM to over 5M monthly users, and joins the founding executive team of gWallet! (more)

Maya Baratz (Product Manager, MTV) joins MTV and writes for the Huffington Post! (more)

Emily Goligoski (Strategic Programs Manager, Federated Media) joins FM and launches Ignite for Women Innovators — and also starts writing for the Huffington Post! (more)

Jazmin Hupp (Web Sales & Marketing, Tekserve) launches Tekserve’s Web Store, bringing NYC’s famous Mac & iPod dealer online! (more)

Sandhya Murthy (Founder, Pinksutra) bridges the gap between South Asian brides and vendors with over 400 users in 3 months of launch! (more)

Deb Rox (CEO, 3 Smart Girlz) hits it out of the park with her new book “5 Ways to {Blank} Your Blog”! (more)

Ketra Oberlander (Founder, Art of Possibility LLC) launches debut textile collection for quilters by blind artist George Mendoza! (more)

Tara Joyce (Founder, Elastic Mind; Author, “Rise of the Innerpreneur”) assists values-based business owners in shaping their strategic vision! (more)

Lyn Williams (Founder & CEO, My Soiree) launches online art gallery and art event promotion company! (more)

Stephanie Kaplan (Co-Founder, Her Campus Media) launches! (more)

Sarah Browne (Author, “How Not To Be An E-Hole: The Irreverent Guide to Online Etiquette & Ethics”) hits the #1 spot for her SF Examiner.com business column! (more)

Michelle Fitzgerald (Author, “Get Scrappy: A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Marketing On Less”) self-publishes her book and launches SMB consulting effort! (more)

Crystal Yan (Founder, Torque Media Group; Founder, EconForAll) launches graphic design agency and pro-bono design scholarship program for startups and nonprofits! (more)

Alison Covarrubias and Claire Fontana (Co-Founders, Hatch) launch business classes to women entrepreneurs, and look forward to offering an online course in 2010! (more)

Amanda Blain (Founder & President, Girlfriend Social) codes and develops a social networking site for women! (more)

Arwa Jumkawala (Founder, Gemkitty) launches site where users can create their own gemstone necklace with a few mouse clicks! more)

Shasta Nelson (Founder, GirlFriendCircles) launches and experiences record memberships every month as women meet new local friends! (more)

Laura Brunow Miner (Founder & Editor, Pictory) launches showcase for people around the world to document their lives and cultures! (more)

Maria Grineva (Co-Founder, Semantic Dimension) launches TwitterTim.es to positive accolades and is growing very quickly! (more)

Ellie Cachette (Co-Founder & COO, EndCorpAbuse) launches to gather complaints against companies and force resolution through social media and litigation! (more)

Clara Raubertas (Founder & Lead Engineer, Stemming) launches new community for women in the STEM fields (science/tech/engineering/math)! (more)

Espree Devora (Founder & CEO, ZEXsports) launches digital media company connecting brands with emerging youth market through action sports! (more)

Stefania Pomponi Butler (Co-Founder, Clever Girls Collective) founds minority-owned social media agency connecting brands with decision-making, budget wielding women! (more)

Carmen Hudson (Founder & CEO, Tweetajob) launches recruiting platform connecting jobseekers and recruiters via Twitter! (more)

Gwen Bell (Founder, Gwendle) co-authors “The Unconventional Guide to the Social Web”, is featured on Slate, and is named one of the top 25 powerful/influential women in social media! (more)

Eugenia Bolanos (Founder, Aldeas.tv) launches multiple interactive TV shows and interactive events through streaming! (more)

Trina Schwimmer (Founder & CEO, GamingAngels) launches the largest online community for and by female gamers! (more)

Ivo Lukas (Founder & CEO, 24Notion) launches digital and lifestyle agency that gives back, donating over $160k of in-kind support, monetary contributions and direct services! (more)

Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss (Co-Founders, Rent the Runway) launches in 2009 to make fashion affordable! (more)

Jules Pieri (Founder & CEO, Daily Grommet) launches online marketplace for innovative products! (more)

Alicia Navarro (Founder & CEO, Skimlinks) launches Skimlinks to reward online publishers for their role in purchase decisions, and launches good.ly! (more)

Angel Pui (Founder & CEO, My Wedding Match) launches in 3 months, closes funding within 7 months of concept, and is currently generating revenue! (more)

Bambi Francisco (Founder & CEO, Vator.tv) launches Vator Splash, holds startup competitions, and releases new Vator syndication platform! (more)

Andrea Miller (CEO & Founder, YourTango) migrates from print to digital-only, growing from 50k to 1.3M uniques/month in 2009, and launches related B2B initiative ProConnect! (more)

Stella Karavas (Founder & CEO, Voltree Power) is named one of Popular Science’s top 100 “Best of What’s New” awards! (more)

Mascha van Tongeren (Co-Founder, Secret Sauce Labs) launches ShredUnion for snowboarders focusing on consumer reviews, and co- authors a book on social media for small businesses! (more)

Anjali Shenoy (Founder, Juntese) builds and launches RoR-powered social network for people in small communities! (more)

Soraya Andújar and Eva Lorenzo (Co-Founders, Chuequita) launch an online virtual world for the gay community with over 1500 users registering in only two months! (more)

Jen Consalvo (Co-Founder, Shiny Heart Ventures) launches social gratitude journal spreading good vibes across your existing social networks! (more)

Natalie Sisson (Co-Founder, ConnectionPoint) empowers social commerce with FundRazr app, and founds WomanzWorld.com to inspire and connect women entrepreneurs! (more)

Laura Rich and Sara Clemence (Co-Founders, Recessionwire) launch to cover economy, are featured in NY Times, Newsweek, Business Week, Forbes, even French Elle! (more)

Isabel Rubio (Founder, Yibril) launches recently with great reaction from media (press, radio, tv) and users (more than 1k new accounts a week)! (more)

Jessica Kane (Co-Founder & Owner, SKORCH) re-launches and signs with Zinio to distribute the first and only plus-size fashion magazine sold at bn.com and for iPhones! (more)

Cindy Teasdale McGowan (Founder, Makaboo) launches site in December 2009, powered by a Flex engine to allow users to design their own embroidered, personalized baby gifts! (more)

Mariya Genzel (Co-Founder, CTO, & CPO, SayHired) launches a recruiting automation company in September 2009 to help companies hire faster! (more)

Megan Kierstead (Co-Founder, Hey I Got You These!) launches a new way for webcomic readers and authors to interact! (more)

Smitha Kulkarni and Neeta Potdar (Co-Founders, Redbasin Networks) develop software and acquire customers in 2009! (more)

Limor Elkayam (Founder & CEO, iSpotaStory) launches social news site! (more)

Denise Paolucci (Co-Founder, Dreamwidth) launches an open-source social media site – a successful open source project with over 70% women on the project team! (more)

Christina Erl Daniels (Founder & Director, Infinet Creative) launches boutique design firm supporting new authors in pitching, writing, editing and publishing! (more)

Carol Tompkins (Founder & CEO, BlackOps Communications) launches her 4th company, a digital communications and social media marketing firm! (more)

Amita Paul (Founder & CEO, ObjectiveMarketer) transforms how businesses engage with customers with their leading social media marketing platform! (more)



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