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Photo by Sangga Rima Roman Selia on Unsplash

The ethnicity pay gap

Closing the ethnicity pay gap isn't just one person's job - we all have a role to play. It takes intention and focus from everybody involved, and it can't be achieved unless we all work together.


A Funder’s Reading List for 2023

A list of key readings for investors as they go into 2023, from new markets, to fundraising and dealflow, to larger ecosystem issues and eliminating bias in your process.

For Funders

What to do after you’ve been laid off

There's nothing fun about getting laid off. While it may feel like getting to the next step ASAP makes sense, it's crucial to be intentional about how to move forward. Here's how.

What does gender have to do with negotiation?

When you think about the impression you want to make, certain postures, comments, and gestures will come to mind. Some of these ideas about how to behave will come to you based on your gender.