Our focus on funding, investors and access places attention on the high importance of capital allocators in the innovation ecosystem. 

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Founders + Funders NYC, 2019

How can we can more effectively support the next generation of global founders and startups?

By equipping next generation funders, shifting the mindset of traditional capital structure, and offering a more inclusive and extensive pool of funding opportunities.

We center around the recognition that the only way our founders can advance is if the system they exist within is set up to fully support their progress and growth.

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The Angel Sessions

Invest in the future and join a growing network of angels around the world.

Built by and for angel investors.

The Pitch Sessions

Open up deal flow and get intros to some of the amazing leaders in our community.

Investors from across asset classes are invited to join our bi-monthly pitches, where actively-fundraising founders from our community present their startups.

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W Fund portfolio founders

W Fund

Our sister VC fund, investing directly into early-stage technology companies led by amazing women and underrepresented founders.

We’re open for interested investors!

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Women 2.0 Conference
San Francisco, 2014

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Investor and Capital Programming

2023 Programming

Interesting in getting informed of our 2023 opportunities for investors and capital allocators?