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Women 2.0 Discount to San Francisco Agile Conference

By Angeline Tan (Founder & CEO, Agilemeister)
The San Francisco Agile Conference on June 15 – 16, 2011 is a 2-day conference bringing the lean startups and agile practice communities together on the topics of lean startups, agile in IT, agile leadership and agile coaching.

Eric Ries of Lean Startup will deliver the opening keynote on delivering value through minimum viable products by pivoting often and in short iterations. View full Agile Conference program.

Understanding that all startups tend to be lean, I am offering the Women 2.0 community a bootstrapping start-up discount of $500 — Please use the discount code “women2” to redeem the discount here.

Information technology businesses constantly demand more, faster and at lesser cost. San Francisco Agile Conference sessions focus on topics from those who have leveraged capabilities of product managers, project managers, development teams and customer feedbacks to rapidly deliver business value using agile.

Whether you are just an agile neophyte or a seasoned agile practitioner, the leadership and coaching portion of the program will focus on leaderships and coaching skills essential for continual improvement responding to the inevitable change. As an agile project leader, stakeholder, or an agile coach leading cultural change across an organization or a team, the conference program will provide a range of sessions, challenging your views while sharing tools and practices to better results. Joshua Kerievsky, an expert on agile software development will be delivering the closing keynote.

Where are the women in agile?

In organizing this conference, I noticed that there are no women responding to my call for papers.

As one of the women in the San Francisco Bay Area Agile community, I had hoped to encourage
more women to participate and claim their seats at the Agile/Lean table. At next year’s San Francisco Agile Conference, I want to increase the number of women presenters.

If you wish to share your lean start-ups experience, lesson learned, inspirations and or just a call to action to women entrepreneurs, please reach me at angeline.agilemeister@gmail.com.

Planning for San Francisco Agile Conference 2012 starts immediately after the 2011 conference so, please reach out to me if you are interested to be a presenter.

About the guest blogger: Angeline Tan is Founder & CEO of Agilemeister and Gang, LLC and Agilemeister Asia Pte Ltd. Angeline has over 15 years of project management experience in the public and private sectors. She brings a wealth of project management and Agile perspectives to coaching Agile teams and lean start ups to build great products. From coaching start-ups to helping companies transition to Agile, Angeline’ s passion is in creating a culture of peer learning and collaboration. Angeline holds a B.A. in Mass Communications and a M.A. in International Organizations Asian Studies from the University of California at Berkeley. Follow her on Twitter at @agilemeister.



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