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Top Women Tech Entrepreneurs in China

By Edith Yeung (Founder, SFentrepreneur and BizTechDay)
There are now an estimated 384 million internet users in China, yes it is more than the population of the United States. The growth rate of China’s internet user population has been outpacing that of any countries in the world.

With tens of thousands of startups booming in China, I am glad to see that women entrepreneurs are not far behind of their male colleague in the technology space.

Here is a list of women tech entrepreneurs who are very active in the China web space:
Zhou JuanZhou Juan (Founder, 56.com)
“The Vimeo of China”
Alexa Ranking: 167

Hai-Yan Gong (Founder, JiiaYuan)
“Match.com of China” (Went IPO on NASDAQ May 2011)
Alexa Ranking: 340

Yu Yu (Founder, Dangdang)
“Amazon.com of China” (Went IPO on NASDAQ end of 2010)
Alexa Ranking: 445

Wang ShutongWang Shutong (Founder, DHgate.com
“Online Trading Platform for SMBs”
Alexa Ranking: 901

HanwhaHanwha (Founder, 55bbs.com)
“Buy.com of China”
Alexa Ranking: 1427

Wang Xin (Founder, Ijin Shan)
“McAfee of China”
Alexa Ranking: 9818

Hu ChaoHu Chao (CEO, Leyou)
“Mom’s shopping site”
Alexa Ranking: 41,325

Liu WeiLiu Wei (Founder, Juren)
“One of the largest online learning experience in China”
Alexa Ranking: 12,998

Li YuLi Yu (Founder, Shanda Games)
“One of the largest gaming sites in China”
Alexa Ranking: 193,165

Chen XiaoweiChen Xiaowei (CEO, Orange)
“Chinese Media Entertainment and Content Company”
Alexa Ranking: 194,962

Edith YeungAbout the guest blogger: Edith Yeung is an entrepreneur, community organizer and TV host. She is the Founder of SFentrepreneur, a 3800+ members strong entrepreneur organization based out of San Francisco & BizTechDay, the most insightful voice of news, events & research for SMB internet market. Prior, she worked with companies including AT&T Wireless, Oracle, Siebel, Autodesk, Cisco, Telstra, Hungary Telecom, etc. Follow her on Twitter at @edithyeung.



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