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Mobile Future Forward? The Next 5 Years in Mobile in One Day

By Chetan Sharma (President, Chetan Sharma Consulting)
The global mobile industry is the most vibrant and the fastest growing industry. Just look at the 2011 numbers — $1.3 Trillion in industry revenue, more than $300 Billion in data revenues, more than 6 Billion subscriptions, more than 1.6 Billion devices sold, almost 500 Million smartphones sold. The mobile ecosystem has become much more dynamic, lightning fast paced, and breathtakingly unpredictable.

Mobile Future Forward on September 12 in Seattle, Washington is a premier mobile thought-leadership summit that attracts the industry leaders, innovators, and doers to brainstorm the mobile future and forge new ideas and alliances that will impact the ecosystem for years to come. The summit is an intensive all-day mobile workshop that will fire up your neurons and might just inspire your next big idea. Give us your 1 day and we will give you the next 5 years in mobile.

The theme of Mobile Future Forward this year is Connected Universe. Unlimited Opportunities.

For those of us who have been the students of the industry for a long time, the Always On, Always Connected mobile world has been the most basic tenant of the mobile economy. It is very evident that the era of the connected universe has finally arrived. Sometimes it just takes a while. The trifecta of opportunities -– the network, the devices, and the applications are changing the very definition of what’s possible and creating unlimited opportunities for all in the value chain.

25 reasons to invest your time in Mobile Future Forward:

  1. Glenn Lurie (President, AT&T Wireless)
  2. Gibu Thomas (SVP of Online/Mobile, Walmart)
  3. Steve Mollenkopf (EVP and Group President, Qualcomm)
  4. Danny Bowman (President of Connected Devices, Sprint Nextel)
  5. David Messenger (EVP, Head of Online/Mobile, American Express)
  6. Jason MacKenzie (President, HTC-Americas)
  7. Sanjiv Ahuja (CEO, LightSquared)
  8. Erik Moreno (SVP, Fox)
  9. Bobby Morrison (President PNW, Verizon Wireless)
  10. Ken Denman (CEO, Openwave)
  11. Kris Rinne (SVP of Networks, AT&T Wireless)
  12. Paul Palmieri (CEO, Millennial Media)
  13. Rob Glaser (Partner, Accel)
  14. Stephen Bye (CTO/VP of Technology & Strategy, Sprint)
  15. Will Hsu (Chief Product Officer, AT&T Interactive)
  16. Manoj Leelanivas (EVP & GM, Juniper Networks)
  17. Wibe Wagemans (Head of Mobile Advertising, Rovio)
  18. Cliff Kushler (CTO, Swype)
  19. Jeremiah Zinn (EVP, MTV)
  20. Joe Megibow (VP & GM, Expedia)
  21. Jana Messerschmidt (Sr. Director, Twitter)
  22. Dale Nitschke (former President, Target.com)
  23. Naoki Aoyagi (CEO, GREE USA)
  24. Biju Nair (Chief Strategy Officer, Synchronoss)
  25. Randy Mueller (Americas Strategy and Dev Leader, Dell)

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About the guest blogger: Chetan Sharma is President of Chetan Sharma Consulting. Executives from wireless companies around the world seek his accurate predictions, independent insights, and actionable recommendations. He is an advisor to CEOs and CTOs of some of the leading wireless technology companies on product strategy and Intellectual Property (IP) development. Chetan holds an MS in Electrical Engineering from Kansas State University and a BS from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee.



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