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Partner event: GigaOm RoadMap

At GigaOM RoadMap 2011, you’ll meet the innovators and business leaders who are driving consumer connectedness. In one-on-one chats on stage with GigaOM editors, they will reveal business opportunities and trends unfolding over the next 12 to 18 months. All speakers have been selected and invited by GigaOM editors for their success in shaping the connected consumer marketplace. You’ll hear from:

  • Brian Chesky (Co-Founder & CEO, Airbnb) will explain the meteoric rise of Airbnb and what we can learn about the coming cultural change as we shop and re-sell at the same time.
  • Mark Rolston (Chief Creative Officer, frog) will explain how designers, not technologists, will shape the next generation of consumer products.
  • Jack Dorsey (Co-Founder & CEO, Square) turned his attention to mobile payments and is planning to disrupt the status quo there just as he did in the messaging space. Where will he go next?
  • Matt Mullenweg (Founder, WordPress/Automattic) created a legendary success with WordPress. How many sustainable businesses can claim their customers work on the core proposition for free? And what elements of the open source model can apply across business?
  • Tom Conrad (CTO & EVP of Product, Pandora) will reveal how Pandora is being shaped by its users and how this can apply to other industries.
  • Frank Moss (Co-Founder, Bluefin Labs & Director of New Media Medicine, MIT Media Lab) and GigaOM Pro analyst Jody Ranck will explore how ordinary people, empowered by new mobile technologies, are transforming the healthcare system globally.

See the full lineup of speakers and sessions here. Women 2.0 members save $100 on GigaOM RoadMap tickets when you register here.



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