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To Product/Market Fit and Beyond: Join Us on November 11!

By Phang Chun Kai (Co-Organiser, Rainmaker Live)
On November 11, 2011 in AOL’s HQ in Palo Alto, join Rainmakers and our community of entrepreneurs and startups for a discussion on “To Product/Market Fit and Beyond”. The discussion panel will explore the benefits and risks of entrepreneurs going through programs like Y Combinator, AngelPad, etc in the exciting, ever-changing funding landscape of Silicon Valley. Our speakers will be Frank Chen (Andreessen Horowtiz), Josh Elman (Greylock Partners), Sharon Vosmek (Astia), Manu Kumar (K9 Ventures) and Pascal Finette (WebFWD Mozilla) coming to share their experience and perspectives with the audience. Sharon Vosmek posted a response to a blog post by Mark Suster “Why aren’t there more female entrepreneurs” in which she believes that women are ready to take up roles in high growth entrepreneurship. Indeed, from an academic standpoint, women are doing as well, if not better than men. Research findings have revealed that innovation in start-ups would be enhanced with women taking up a lead role. Now then, why aren’t there more women taking up entrepreneurship? Perhaps, there is too much hype about sky rocking valuations and not enough information on which investors, accelerators, incubators women entrepreneurs should turn to. As a result, most women shy away from the entrepreneurial path. The Rainmakers team consists of passionate, aspiring women entrepreneurs who wanted to make entrepreneurial education more accessible to women. Hence, they decided to set up Rainmakers, a series of miniconferences, to empower budding female entrepreneurs with the know-hows and answers to their doubts about the funding landscape. Women 2.0 members save 25% on tickets to discuss “To Product/Market Fit and Beyond” with discount code “women2” — Get your ticket here. Editor’s note: Got a question for our guest blogger? Leave a message in the comments below.
About the guest blogger: Phang Chun Kai is Co-Organizer at Rainmaker Live. He wants the world to be a happier place. He believes that organizing the Rainmaker events is an important step toward fulfilling his goal. Phang wants participants to feel joy from the event through gaining new perspectives and insights around tech themes. During the day, he works in a startup that research on visual search technology. In his free time, he loves doing sports and reading books about finance, entrepreneurship, design and philosophy.



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