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Collaboration Tools For Entrepreneurs To Create, Communicate

By Sara Rosso (VIP Services Engineer, WordPress)

I created this presentation for entrepreneurs who need online tools to make their ideas happen (I gave it earlier this year at the Professional Women’s Association in Milan).

The presentation “Tools for Entrepreneurs: Create. Collaborate. Communicate.“ started out as a way to explain very technical things to non-technical people, but I quickly realized that most people when approaching technology get intimidated by the “What’s DNS? Do I need a dedicated server?” kind of questions and therefore feel they can’t understand technology.

I feel that this technology intimidation is really due to the fact that they don’t really own their idea, and better understanding it will guide any decisions they have to make with their idea moving forward.

For me, the biggest online tool for most entrepreneurs is definitely their website. Having a website is like putting your shingle out declaring you’re in business.

In this presentation, the first section focuses on further defining your idea so you can create the site, offline, before engaging someone to build it for you (or building it yourself). From who the users / customers will be and what kind of information they want, to what the actual purpose of the site will be (conversion), to defining a list of must-have and nice-to-have features for the site.

The second section focuses on how to collaborate with those who will help your idea become a reality, from working with collaborators remotely, to the kinds of tools and software you’ll need to collaborate, and setting some guidelines for those tools to be effective.

The third section focuses on methods and approaches for communicating your idea, whether through the use of social media or just being consistent in your entire presence online.

Be sure and page through the entire slideshow to see the resources I included at the end for those looking for open source softwarealternatives to proprietary software, and links for getting started with ebooks and Creative Commons.

Below is the slideshow, click through to see the slideshow in your browser:

This blog was originally posted at When I Have Time.

About the guest blogger: Sara Rosso works in VIP Services for Automattic. She is a writer, photographer, and business & digital strategist living in Milan, Italy. She’s worked in technology since 1996 for companies such as HP and Ogilvy. She has an MBA in Managing Innovation & Technology from Santa Clara University in California, and a bachelors in Managing Information Systems from Texas A&M University. She writes about technology and building a business at When I Have Time and her blog at SaraRosso. Follow her on Twitter at @rosso.



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