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Move The Needle: Women 2.0 PITCH

By Blake Landau (Director of Marketing, Linqia)
The fact is there is nothing more romantic than spending Valentines Day at the Computer History Museum with over a thousand women at Women 2.0’s fifth annual PITCH conference.

There is a demand for mentoring, support and communities where women can support each other. We all know this considering that Women 2.0 events consistently sell out. PITCH was no different with people pouring out of the conference rooms.

For women to be successful in an industry where they are largely under-represented, women need to see examples of other women actually DOING IT. That being said, attending PITCH everyone left incredibly inspired.

The PITCH Startup Competition is taken very seriously by the community and investors alike. Winning PITCH is a very big deal.

While everyone who competed today went home a hero for showing up Tiny Review went home the winner. Tiny Review is an iPhone App that provides reviews that are three lines and a picture, a lovechild of Twitter and Yelp. It was also notable that startup Buyosphere described by its founder Tara Hunt as the Quora of shopping won “most promising team.”

Disruptions Relevant In the Long Term

One of the standout speakers was Katie Mitic, Director of Platform and Mobile Marketing at Facebook who gave a talk about the product philosophies, lessons and practices at Facebook.

Katie reminded us that to be successful in the tech world, you have to be 110% product obsessed. She gave a captive audience the insider scoop on how Facebook’s product innovation philosophy permeates everything they do. She also talked about how to balance inspiration and pragmatism to make “disruptions relevant in the long-term.”

Her talk was inspiring and refreshing as she expressed her excitement about being in a room packed with women in the Silicon Valley.

You would never know tech is not an industry dominated by women by attending today’s event. The contestants for the competition today were met with cheers, hoots and hollers from an audience, largely made up of female founders and the people who support them.

Everyone who participated in today’s event deserves a round of applause, but most of all Women 2.0 for the incredible hard work they put into this event. They are moving the needle and I am so thrilled to be able to watch as they became an increasingly successful game changer in the tech space, and pave the way for so many up and comers. Keep up the great work ladies!

The founders of Women 2.0 – Angie Chang and Shaherose Charania – deserve a virtual high five from all of us who want to see women excel.

Women 2.0 proves again and again that when you give a woman a chance to compete in a safe environment with relevant, structured feedback there is no limit to what she can achieve.

I wholeheartedly say this because — as an observer who does not work for Women 2.0 – I believe they have started a revolution.

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About the guest blogger: Blake Landau is the Director of Marketing at Linqia, a platform that seamlessly matches brands with influential group leaders on the social web. Prior to Linqia, she worked with brands such as Verizon Wireless on social media, branding, public relations and marketing. She started her career in customer strategy building Customer Management IQ, a social networking site and online business publication. She loves running, book clubs and her dog Athena. Follow her on Twitter at @BlakeLandau.



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