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Quick Survey For Female Startup Founders

By Pokin Yeung (Writer, Pokin on Product)
Is there something unique about female founders? Are there any characteristics that all startup founders have in common? Do things like birth order, family unit, family history of entrepreneurship, childhood experiences, or other factors have any influence on your likelihood to start a business?

I am curious and hoping you are also curious enough to help me out.

If you are a female startup founder, please take this quick survey.

If you know a female startup founder, please pass it on. I’m looking for input from anyone who’s started a business, even if they are no longer working on that business.

So what’s the motivation for this study?

I’m a first-born child. It so happened that I always knew I wanted to do my own startup. Growing up, I “started” my first business at age 5. I sold my dad’s cologne to my best friend for $100 and told her it was a magic potion. I believed it.

So did my friend.

Her parents didn’t quite feel the same way, and so I was forced to return the money shortly after.

But the seed was planted to start more, ahem legitimate endeavours. After university, I worked in product marketing for a consumer packaged goods company knowing that I would make the jump some day.

That someday happened a few years back, and I switched countries. I came down here with my co-founder and we built a travel startup named GeckoGo. We learned a lot with that business, and I learned more in my 2nd attempt at a business. Even though I’m in between ideas now, I can’t imagine doing something different.

I’m hoping to see if there’s any common themes in our collective backgrounds that appear to increase the likelihood of becoming an entrepreneur.

So please help me out by taking the survey, or sharing it with friends. Once I have enough information I will sure to post a followup!

Are there other studies like this? There have been a few studies out there focused on small businesses, or on general intelligence. Are we a unique bunch? I don’t know, and that’s one of the things I’m hoping to find out.

For example, previous studies have shown conflicting results as to whether birth order does influence personalities in general. One interesting book to read about that discusses the influence of birth order on personality (from the perspective that it does influence personality) is Dr. Kevin Leman’s The Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are. It covers a wide range of ground, so entrepreneurship is only a small part of that discussion.

So thanks in advance for helping me out by filling out this survey or passing the word along.

Please let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions for this survey as well!

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About the guest blogger: Pokin Yeung is Founder of Askomatics, an insights company. She blogs at Pokin on Product, covering topics on product development, marketing, and design. Follow her on Twitter at @pokin.



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