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Man (And Then Procopio) Gets Women (2.0)

Women 2.0 supporter Procopio in San Diego sponsors and hosts the May 4 Founder Friday Launch!
By Roger Rappoport (Founder, StartUp Info & Partner, Procopio)

Although not scheduled to be in Silicon Valley on Valentine’s Day 2012, a confluence of events prompted me to rearrange my schedule and fly to the Bay Area for the Women 2.0 PITCH Conference, and I am so glad that I did! I experienced a lot that day, which you can read about in my blog “Man Gets Women 2.0: 4 Lessons Learned From Women 2.0: PITCH 2012 Conference.”

As a result of my attendance, Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch, LLP (the law firm at which I am a partner and leader of the firm’s Emerging Growth & Technology practice), decided to sponsor Founder Friday in Silicon Valley, and become a sponsor and supporter of Women 2.0 Founder Friday San Diego, where Procopio is based.

Women 2.0 Founder Friday San Diego is set to launch at our San Diego office on May 4, and the list of attendees is large and growing!!

We recently announced the launch of our new Silicon Valley office, located on Sand Hill Road, where attorneys in our Emerging Growth and Technology (EG&T) practice group will concentrate on assisting startups and emerging growth companies in various fields, including information technology, telecommunications, life sciences, medtech and cleantech.

Our skilled and experienced attorneys in the EG&T practice group work with clients in all aspects of their formation, development and funding, from the initial idea through liquidity, and everything in between, including seed, angel and venture capital financings, mergers and acquisitions, IP protection and development of an IP strategy, labor and employment issues and compensation and benefits.

We are excited to introduce our compelling value proposition to the Women 2.0 community, and the Silicon Valley startup and emerging growth community in general.

Most attorneys in the EG&T practice have come to Procopio from large national and multinational firms, and this, together with Procopio’s entrepreneurial spirit, unique billing model, and team-oriented approach, which is a part of the firm’s fabric, offers clients access to experienced attorneys who are familiar with, and take the time to truly understand, their products, technology, business models and business needs, so as to provide the most appropriate advice that is on point and relevant to each client’s particular business.

This year, we will be providing a series of events to provide entrepreneurs practical information that may be vital to the growth and success of their company. Programs are not meant to be “lessons in law”, but are designed to provide first time and serial entrepreneurs information and practical guidance with takeaways and useful materials that they can actually use.

The first event, co-sponsored with SV Forum, will kick-off on May 3 in Palo Alto, an event directed to Women 2.0 community and others who are first-time entrepreneurs (or serial entrepreneurs in need of a “refresher”), entitled Art of the Startup, focusing on the most common mistakes to avoid in the early stages, developing an appropriate funding strategy, and the anatomy of convertible debt, angel and VC term sheets, presented by me (Roger Rappoport).

Additional programs are also on the horizon including an IP & Employment Matters a workshop, focused on the most common IP and Employment mistakes startup entrepreneurs should avoid, taking place on May 22, as well as Procopio’s Startup Bootcamp, a full-day workshop for startup entrepreneurs scheduled for June 13. The boot camp will provide numerous winning strategies related to legal, fund raising, intellectual property, employment, executive compensation, licensing, joint ventures and tax and other issues startup entrepreneurs should consider and the keys to successfully avoiding the most common pitfalls made by startup entrepreneurs.

We’ll also feature a stellar VC, Angel and entrepreneur panel, including Scott Kupor, COO and Partner at Andreessen Horrowitz, that you won’t want to miss. For more information on these events and to register, click here.

Procopio has a longstanding tradition, spanning almost seven decades, of supporting important community based organizations that make a difference (currently more than 200), and for this very reason, we are proud to partner with Women 2.0 in Silicon Valley and San Diego. We support their mission of fostering and facilitating innovation, growth, entrepreneurship and leadership among female entrepreneurs and female tech companies.

The Women 2.0 platform provides a great synergy with Procopio’s enduring commitment to community involvement and female empowerment. We applaud the mission and efforts of Women 2.0, and look forward to developing a meaningful and long term relationships with Women 2.0 members up and down the California coast.

Procopio is a full service law firm, with more than 120 attorneys, and is one of the largest business law firms in California, with expertise in core practice groups, including corporate, intellectual property, litigation, tax, healthcare, real estate and other core practice areas necessary to advise companies at every stage of development and growth, assisting clients in planning, financing, operating and, ultimately, exiting their businesses. Since 1946, our success has been derived from the firm’s commitment to its clients and the ability to maximize the value provided to them. For more information, click here.

Editor’s note: Got a question for our guest blogger? Leave a message in the comments below.
About the guest blogger: Roger Rappoport is Founder of StartUp Info. He is a practicing corporate attorney at Procopio, serving clients in San Diego and Silicon Valley, focusing almost exclusively on representing emerging growth companies, and helping first time and serial entrepreneurs develop and implement strategies to build, finance and grow their startups. Follow him on Twitter at @start_uplawyer.



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