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Build The Next Big Mobile Game In 2 Days With Chartboost!

Coming up: 2-day hackathon focused solely on making great new games for iOS and Android.
By Maria Alegre (Co-Founder & CEO, Chartboost)

Ever seen a game on the App Store and thought, “I could do better”? Well now is your chance!

Join us for a 2-day hackathon next weekend focused on making great new games for the iOS and Android platform. Developers and designers can team up and brainstorm during our Friday night launch party, then come back Saturday to start working your magic. Competitors will be hacking away in the brand new workspace of Startup HQ in the tech-centered SOMA district of San Francisco.

We expect over 100 hackers and designers competing to build their dream game. Spectators are also welcome! You can come rub elbows with our sponsors who include local game-publishers TinyCo, Booyah and 6waves. Hacks will be submitted on Sunday at 5:30pm and evaluated by a panel of industry professionals. Up for grabs: micro-funding for your game, desks at StartupHQ, new iPads, and more! For more info and to register, click here.

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About the guest blogger: Maria Alegre is co-founder and CEO of Chartboost, which offers an advertising platform that helps game publishers drive and monetize success through cross-promotion or direct deals with other publishers. Prior to Chartboost, she worked at Tapulous, a leading developer of music games for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Alegre holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in business administration from the University of Michigan and the ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain. Follow her on Twitter at @marialegre.



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