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Learn Product Development For Technology And Physical Products November 14 In Oakland

Turn your product into a business – think through product development!
By Darlene Crane (Executive Director, Alliance for Community Development)

The Alliance for Community Development is in program mode again. We always want to encourage a climate of forward progress and growth, so we’ve renamed the series Propel Business Growth Forums. Starting on November 14, the first forum in the series focuses on product development for technology and physical products.

The Alliance is starting with Product Development because revenue from product sales is the life blood of companies. Products in development are all costs until they sell. We have worked to cover more aspects of product development including protecting intellectual property, software and physical product development and distribution- get volume to scale. Let’s not forget the essential role consumer products play in the economy!

The presenting entrepreneur is Mary Jean Koontz, PhD. who is developing a product for kids to create their own games. For details and bios on the panelists and to register for the PROPEL Product Development Forum, click here.

Bring your questions about product development and distribution for software products and physical products. Your potential customers and financing sources expect you to answer questions like these:

  • How to I shape the “minimal variable product” or “first release” of a new product?
  • When should I start thinking about monetizing the product and business?
  • How do I know customers will buy my product?
  • When is it better to license or sell the product to a distributor?

The Alliance for Community Development brings startup founders and business owners expert business knowledge, growth practices and connections to financial and other resources.

Women 2.0 readers: What problems do you face while monetizing your products?

About the guest blogger: Darlene Crane is the Executive Director of Alliance for Community Development, a 501(c) (3) organization based in Oakland, California dedicated to increasing access to capital assistance to businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area’s low and moderate income (LMI) communities owned by minorities, women and disabled veterans. She mentors clients through business growth strategies, specialty product development and roll-out. Follow her on Twitter at @DarleneCrn.



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