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The Official Hotel Of The PITCH Conference & Competition NY Has A Woman’s Name

Room Mate team realizes that the best way to travel is making friends. We want you to feel that you are not alone in the exciting entrepreneurial journey.

By Patricia Araque (Co-Founder & Director, Ellas 2.0)

Three friends – Kike, Carlos and Gorka – drinking coffee – talked about that was no hotel in Madrid that would meet their needs and those of their friends. So they began to wonder where they would like to stay if traveling to a city like Madrid or Paris.

They came to the conclusion that it should be at the heart of the city, with original decor and an affordable price, which was not saturated with services that you never use and a natural treatment as equals. And they just opened their first hotel, Room Mate Mario in Madrid center. Surprised by the enthusiastic reception from customers and the media, they decided to create a chain of hotels and urban apartments.

Room Mate is the official hotel of our PITCH Conference & Competition in New York. Each Room Mate has a unique personality and plays a virtual character that seems very real. Room Mate team realizes that the best way to travel is making friends. I think that is basically what has allowed us to start together this trip together and this collaboration: we also believe that the best way to start your company is doing it with other people, hence our desire to encourage women networks and create worldwide networking spaces each month with our Founder Friday. We want you to feel that you are not alone in this exciting entrepreneurial journey.

Room Mate in New York has a woman’s name, Grace. She suggests on her website, “While I return from the final test of my new show, you can relax in the indoor pool in the lobby with a drink in the bar overlooking the lounge. In our kiosk you’ll find solutions to last minute desires, and for those who are want to immerse themselves in New York, you are surrounded by theaters, shops, restaurants, clubs … welcome to the Big Apple”.

We like Grace, she is much like the women of our community: women working in big projects and always focused on their customers, giving them the best solutions. We like Room Mate. To their slogan. “Do you want to sleep with me?”, We answer: YES!

Editor’s note: If you are in New York on November 16, you can join us at Founder Friday NYC in Room Mate Grace. Also, if you are in Barcelona, you have the opportunity to visit Room Mate Pau, since we are celebrating the first anniversary of our Founder Friday Barcelona in their facilities.
About the guest blogger: Patricia Araque is the Founder and President of Ellas 2.0, sister organization to Women 2.0a unique content platform where female founders, investors and innovators share their startup stories, tips and tricks and guidance for the Spanish speaking community of Women 2.0. Also, Patricia is the Regional Manager of Women 2.0 for Spain and LatAm. Follow her on Twitter at @patriciaaraque and Ellas 2.0 at @ellas2.



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