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The Secret to Getting Recognition: Connecting People

Stop tooting that horn and pause before you tweet that humblebrag. The real secret to getting the recognition you crave is connecting others, writes one CEO. 

By Katie Lance (CEO & Owner, Katie Lance Consulting)

I have had my share of success and failure, happy times and sad times and times where I felt like Alicia Keys singing, “This girl is on FIRE!” (come on, I know you’ve had one of those moments too!)

But in all the ups and downs, one thing that has always kept me grounded is the people around me. Before I get on Facebook or Twitter and brag or vent – I remind myself that a better option would to be to recognize and elevate someone else.

The real ‘secret’ is the enormous power you gain as a result of elevating and recognizing others.

We all hope that our friends and colleagues will notice the work we are doing, yet we never quite want to admit how much we crave it. We all want to be noticed, and social media is a great way achieve that — but the secret is first recognizing and connecting others.


I don’t just mean an ‘atta boy’ or ‘great job.’ Recognizing something specific is key. The next time you see another entrepreneur or colleague doing something amazing, post a heartfelt message on Facebook about why you are so proud of him or her, (and don’t forget to link to their articles and tag their pages).

You can also recognize someone in a social community, like a Facebook or Google Plus group. The next time someone in your extended circle has a baby or gets married, surprise them with a Facebook gift and a thoughtful card. I make it a point to surprise one or two Facebook friends a month with Facebook gifts. No one expects it. It’s an amazing way to reach out to someone – especially when you go the extra mile and find something that is meaningful to them.

The next time you are at an event, make it a point to take a photo of the speaker and post it to their wall with a note about how much you enjoyed it. The great thing about recognition is that it costs nothing except your time.


I have experienced so much joy in taking the time to elevate others around me, but remember to be genuine. You shouldn’t be doing it just to get something out of it. You should be doing it because you know that you are making others feel good and that good things come from people doing good deeds. The people who really ‘get’ social understand that it’s less about you and more about them.

When you do this there is surprise and delight, because no one expects it.

I’ll say that again. No one expects it.

Be Aware of Others’ Goals

Be cognizant of conversations. Be aware of what people are doing and who they need to meet to take their idea, company or concept to the next level – then be that person to connect them. Elevate the person who has had a lifetime of experience but also elevate the person who is just getting started and needs a leg up.

I challenge you to recognize one person a week – on Facebook, Twitter or even better, in real life. Be selfless. Reach out to people at all different levels.

There is great power in connecting people in your world to others – it’s amazing the things that come back to you when you reach out to help elevate others. This is the biggest social media secret of all.


About the guest blogger: Katie is the CEO and owner of Katie Lance Consulting. She specializes in social media strategy and content development, and works with mid to large-sized brands in the technology and real estate industries. Katie is a nationally known keynote speaker. She is a frequent contributor to Inman News and The Huffington Post. Follow her on Twitter @katielance.





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