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From the Beltway: Supporting Women in STEM

Washington, D.C. isn’t all about political bickering. It’s also home to some amazing organizations dedicated to getting more women involved in STEM.

By Danielle J. Brooks (Executive Editor, Disruptive Women in Health Care)

I get excited when I hear about women setting new goals and breaking the status quo through initiative, entrepreneurship and creativity.

Washington D.C., or the Beltway, is known for its politics- whether or not the connotation is always positive. Less well recognized, however, is the fact that the Beltway is also a place where people come to make a difference in fields they’re truly passionate about. It is a place where people come to be disruptive leaders and facilitate change.

Recently I had the distinct pleasure of attending an event, hosted by Women Policy, Inc, focused on organizations that support women in STEM. In attendance were students ranging in ages from 10 to 30 and both local and national organizations eager to become involved. Business leaders and Congresswomen from across the aisle spoke on the importance of sticking with your dreams, even during times of adversity, and the essential role of women leadership in the field.

This is just one example of the support brewing from the Beltway to increase resources for girls interested in pursuing a career in STEM. The White House, Office of Science and Technology Policy, has dedicated programming to ensure the increased participation and there have been multiple pieces of legislation introduced in Congress to increase funding and programs.

As we continue to break down barriers and redefine parameters in entrepreneurship, especially in STEM, it is essential to pass the torch through volunteer opportunities and mentorships. In the Beltway we are a truly impassioned group of women; but, we are always willing to unite in the name of future leaders. I encourage current trailblazers to reach out and connect with organizations and foundations in the Beltway and nationally dedicated to furthering women in STEM.

Some recommended organizations:

Are there any other Washington-based organizations doing great work in this area that we should add to the list?

22d7dcbAbout the guest blogger: Danielle J. Brooks writes on behalf of Disruptive Women in Health Care, (@disruptivewomen) a blog dedicated to amplifying the voice of women in the field of health. She is the Executive Editor. She holds a Juris Doctor from William and Mary School of Law and specializes in health IT and health care reform issues.


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