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3 Tips to Attract Engineering Talent

Almost all tech startups need some good engineering talent to get things rolling. These tips can help you hire that talent.

By Jasmine France (Contributing Writer, Women 2.0)

If you’re thinking of starting a company, no doubt one of the thoughts at the top of your mind is finding the right people to help you run it. And startups that fall under the tech umbrella are going to need some engineers. But attracting–and closing–top engineering talent can be a challenge. The folks at the recruiting firm Riviera Partners suggest the following tips to overcome this challenge.

Spread the Word About Your Company Culture

It’s no secret that culture plays a huge role in attracting the right talent for your company. Making sure candidates are fully informed of company culture is an important piece of the hiring process that shouldn’t be overlooked. Don’t just tell potential hires what makes your company unique–show them. Create internal and external ambassadors for your brand; everyone from employees and clients to vendors and partners can serve to reflect the vision and culture of your organization.

Narrow Your Focus

It’s easy to start broad and lose sight of the void you really need to fill. Start with a reasonable set of “must-have” requirements and then make trade-offs for “nice-to-haves.” If you really hone in, it will ensure you get the right hire to suit your needs. “For example, if you’re seeking someone with specific domain expertise, your net will be smaller than if you’re simply trying to land an experienced Java developer,” says Michael A. Morell, managing partner at Riviera.

Don’t Drag Your Feet

Finding the right hire for your business is the same as starting any relationship: you have to realize that nobody is perfect. Many startups get caught up in looking for perfection, dragging out the hiring process over the course of several months or, in extreme cases, more than a year. When you identify a qualified candidate who fits well with the company culture, make an offer. Closing in a timely manner will ensure that you don’t lose a great potential hire to another opportunity.

The current innovation in the technology industry is opening doors for more startups than ever before. Business is booming, so demand for talent is high. Stay competitive by snagging the right people as quickly as possible.

Got your own recruiting tips? Share them in the comment section below!

FB 3About the blogger: Jasmine France is a travel-addicted, food-obsessed Bay Area writer with a decade of experience covering consumer electronics, digital music, mobile apps and cloud computing. Follow her on Twitter @WeirdEaredJas.





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