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Vivek Wadhwa: An Update on Innovating Women

How’s that crowdsourced book on women in innovation coming along? Vivek Wadhwa offers an update.

By Vivek Wadhwa (VP of Research, Singularity University)

I’m working on finalizing the Innovating Women book. It’s amazing how crowdsourcing works. Within six weeks, we were able to do many years’ worth of research and gather very powerful anecdotes from women all over the world. They learned from each other and built on each other’s ideas. If you recall, I made a call a few months ago asking for women “ambassadors”. I wanted help in spreading the word, raising funds, and enlisting authors. I would have been thrilled to get 10-20 ambassadors. We ended up with more than 300. I needed 30-40 coauthors. We had more than 500. I wanted to raise $40,000. We ended up with $96,000. The book is wonderful. Unlike books such as Lean In, it isn’t one person’s story-it is the story of thousands.

In about a week or two, we will have this ready to pitch to publishers. If anyone can suggest the best path for getting this published, please let me know. I want to get this to market in the biggest and fastest way possible. I have no doubt that this book will inspire and motivate thousands of women to take their rightful place in the innovation economy. All profits will be used to educate women in advancing technologies and fund their startups.

If you want to get a glimpse of the future of technology and how humanity will solve its grand challenges, you may want to watch this lecture I gave last month at Lund University in Sweden. It is a short version of one of my talks.

About the guest blogger: Vivek Wadhwa is Vice President of Academics and Innovation at Singularity University. In his roles at Stanford, Duke, and Emory universities, he lectures in class on subjects such as entrepreneurship and public policy. Prior to joining academia in 2005, Wadhwa founded two software companies. Follow him on Twitter at @wadhwa.

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