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Female Founders to Watch: Fitness

Here’s a resource list for all of your female-founded fitness apps as we head into the holiday season!
By Jessica Schimm (Editor, Women 2.0)

Still coming off your candy high? We thought so. Here is a list of female founders who are making tech products designed to keep you healthy and fit as you enter the holiday season!

payalPayal Kadakia (Co-founder & CEO, Classivity)
Kadakia has a background in business and the arts. She has done consulting and has worked in digital strategy while also maintaining a dance career of 25 years, and founded The Sa Dance Company. Follow her @PayalKadakia.
cherCheryl Kellond (CEO & Founder, Bia Sport)
The mother of four and triathlete presented live at the San Francisco Women 2.0 conference earlier this year. Previously, she was VP of Advertiser Product Marketing at Yahoo! Follow her at @XXfounder
maria-lyMaria Ly (Co-Founder, Skimble)
Ly, a competitive rock climber and competitive engineer made quite a scene when she did a a full back flip off the ground to show off her product, Skimble, based in San Francisco. Check out her personal stats. Follow her @marialy.

FitCauseLaura Temel (Co-Founder & CEO, FitCause)
Temel, an avid runner, started her career working in finance. FitCause which combines fitness and exercise and technology with social impact. To put it simply, your health routine can directly impact charities. Follow her @lauratemel.

megansmythMegan Smyth (Co-Founder, GoRecess)
Smyth is described as a marathoner-turned-group-fitness junkie. GoRecess is like an OpenTable for fitness and helps people find fitness classes according to the specific day and time that fits their schedule. Follow her @MeganSmyth1.

lindseyLindsay Denton and Liz Dean (Co-founders, FitYap)

FitYap is described as the “TripAdvisor” of the fitness world, co-founder Liz Dean said in a recent email. This app is designed to help you manage your fitness regimen. Both founders enjoy outdoors fitness activities, check out their profiles here and here.

anndiAnndi McAfee & Christie Insley (Founder, fitmuses)
Both McAfee and Insley have backgrounds in the entertainment industry and came together to make their app, fitmuses that helps motivate you while you work out! See them at our conference and follow them @AnndiMcAfee and @chemicalredhead.
wendyWendy Nguyen (Founder, HealthyOut)

The self-described “healthy-foodie” competed in Women 2.0’s SF PITCH competition earlier this year. Her mobile app, Healthyout, informs people on healthier eating choices at restaurants, a lifestyle choice that has become more prevalent due to busier, on-the-go lifestyles. Follow her @wdot.

Who are we missing?

Jess headshotJessica Schimm (@JessicaSchimm) is the assistant editor at Women 2.0. She is a recent graduate of San Francisco State where she earned a B.A. in journalism and was the editor-in-chief of SF State’s Her Campus chapter. She has a strong interest in women’s issues and writes about them on her blog Women Who Run San Francisco.



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