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Female Founders to Watch: Females Funded by the VegasTechFund

Female founders funded by VegasTechFund tell us what they like about having their startup in Las Vegas.

By Jessica Schimm (Assistant Editor, Women 2.0)

We recently learned that 25% of the VegasTechFund’s portfolio includes female founders (woot, woot!). As we get ready to head down to Vegas next week, we decided to profile female founders funded by VTF and asked them: What do you like most about having your startup in Las Vegas?

 Here is what they said:

EEmma McIlroy (CEO, Wildfang) –@irishem333
I love being surrounded by passionate, exceptional people. It fires me up and forces me to be better. VTF surrounds us with those people.

yinElizabeth Yin (CEO & Co-founder, LaunchBit) – @launchbit
There are SO MANY people in the US tech community who constantly come to town – not just to town but actually to my office 🙂 – for conferences or to check out the Downtown Project. This combination of small community with large networking opportunities doesn’t happen anywhere else.

rachna - from hachi (1)Rachna Singh (Founder & CEO, gohachi.com) – @rachnaspace
Vegas Tech Fund has been an incredibly helpful and close-knit community. Portfolio companies often share valuable insights and learnings, apart from helping each other with PR and buzz opportunities.

marenMaren Kate Donovan (CEO, Zirtual.com) – @marenkate
“Downtown Vegas provides a small town feel for budding entrepreneurs. I love the tax and financial benefits being based out of Nevada gives us… If I need a mentor for someone in my team, I can easily find them through the downtown project, Zappos, or one of the companies that calls downtown home.”

JensenJacqueline Jensen (Co-founder & COO, TicketCake) – @JackieMJensen
Being part of a startup community as strong as the one we have here means there are people to bounce new ideas off of and celebrate your successes with. All of the founders and startup teams want the community to succeed. We are united in a single goal, which makes it that much more likely to be reached!

Jacqueline and Elizabeth will be mentors at our conference! You can still join in on all the fun -purchase discounted tickets or single day tickets here.

Photo by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center / Flickr.
Jess headshotJessica Schimm (@JessicaSchimm) is the assistant editor at Women 2.0. She is a recent graduate of San Francisco State where she earned a B.A. in journalism and was the editor-in-chief of SF State’s Her Campus chapter. She has a strong interest in women’s issues and writes about them on her blog.



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