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Lunch Mentorship: Oh, the People You’ll Meet….

Attending our conference this week? Don’t miss out on one of our most popular programs, Lunch Mentorship. Meet our mentors below.

By Jessica Schimm (Assistant Editor, Women 2.0)

Lunch mentorship is one of the most talked-about conference sessions, and if you’re registered for the General Conference Session – good news – you can sign up (in the Eventbrite registration) to participate!

How does Lunch Mentorship work?

Our conference attendees are placed in small groups and matched with a seasoned entrepreneur and/or investor (depending on their preference) at a round-table, for discussion and Q&A over lunch. Our CEO explains:

“Lunch is a social thing, that’s why we created lunch mentorship. It’s a way to meet like-minded founders, investors and other people in technology so they can help each other and build community. Communities are powerful – find support, find inspiration, find your next business partner, find your next funder – innovation happens in communities, innovation happens through connected people.”

We asked our mentors to give a 140-word blurb about themselves. Read on to see what they had to say, plus it’s a great way to gain some ice breakers!

adamAdam D’Augelli (Senior Associate, True Ventures)
Early-stage venture capital at True Ventures. Live music, burritos, and open source robots.


 Alexa Andrzejewski (Lead Experience Designer, Foodspotting (Part of OpenTable))
Founded Foodspotting because I couldn’t find Okonomiyaki in San Francisco. It was acquired by OpenTable in 2013.


cindyalvarez-130x150Cindy Alvarez (Director of User Experience, Yammer)
Cindy Alvarez runs User Experience and Product Design for Yammer (a Microsoft company).


mikeMike Rothenberg (CEO, Rothenberg Ventures)
Mike founded 3 companies including VC firm Rothenberg Ventures.


rebeccaRebecca Kaden (Maveron, Principal)
Obsessed with consumer brands and the people who dream them, fresh powder, new adventures and destinations, great novels.


lisaLisa Oshima (Managing Consultant, Socialize Mobilize)
 Lisa loves mobile & social start-ups and has worked with dozens over the last decade to help them grow.


davidDavid Kochbeck (CEO, GoBeMe)
Dave’s the Women 2.0 PITCH coach.


josh-150x150Josh Elman (Partner, Greylock)
 Josh helped make LinkedIn, Facebook Connect, and Twitter. Now a VC, still prefers to think and talk product.


annie_lg-150x150Annie Kadavy (Investor, Charles River Ventures)

Annie filed her first of 3 product patents while in high school; she is psyched for the hardware revolution!


hitenHiten Shah (Founder, KISSmetrics)

Started two SaaS companies, Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. One is self-funded & the other is venture backed.


maragaret-wallace-150x150Margaret Wallace (CEO, Playmatics)
Forbes-Listed CEO of @Playmatics. Entrepreneur & Speaker. Passionate about Gaming, Digital Media, Tech.


brendan-150x150Brendan Baker (Tomfoolery, Greylock Partners)

Brendan currently works with Greylock Partners, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. Before that, he was the second hire at AngelList.


leah-150x150Leah Busque (Founder + CEO, TaskRabbit)
Classically trained ballerina. Engineer turned entrepreneur. Boston transplant.


katrinaKatrina Lake (Founder & CEO, StitchFix)

Katrina is passionate about helping women achieve everyday confidence. She founded Stitch Fix to help women everywhere discover and explore their style through a truly customer-focused shopping experience.


rebecca_watsonRebecca Watson (Vice President, RadiumOne)
Rebecca is an expert at devising revenue models for digital media businesses.


shelly-150x150Shelley Zhuang (Founder and Partner, Eleven two Capital)
Founder of Eleven Two Capital • Worked at Draper Fisher Jurveston, Ecoplast, Microsoft and NASA.


jonathonJohnathon Kresner (Sir, Airpair)
I’m awesome.


nnamdiNnamdi Okike (Founder and Managing Partner, 645 Angels)
More than two-thirds of my portfolio companies were founded by women.


marwanMarwan Roushdy (CEO, Tag)
Started my first company building online games at the age of 12.


sarah_coneSarah Cone (Associate, Illuminate Ventures)
Sarah loves swimming while dreaming up new business models.


hetal_pandya-150x150Hetal Pandaya (Easilydo, Co-Founder and Growth Hacker)
Best ideas come when I’m in my spinning class!


Jennifer-150x150Juliana Pantent (Associate Director, Beehive Holdings)
Juliana is a lawyer and investor. Obsessed with monetization brainstorming sessions over swiss fondue.


DiannaMullins-300x300-150x150Dianna Mullins (Co-founder & SVP Marketplace Operations, Glam Media)

Film Lover. Co-founder Glam Media. I care deeply about women’s safety globally, LGBT equality, women in film, women in leadership.


sumeet-150x150Sumeet Jain (DIrector, Intel Capital)
Did two startups; one failed, one succeeded. Previously at Goldman and CMEA Capital.


SumayaKazi-150x150Sumaya Kazi (CEO & Founder, Sumazi)
Founder @Sumazi, BizWeek Top Young Entrepreneur, Led Social Strategy @ Sun Microsystems, Berkeley Alum.

jennyJenny Fielding (BBC Worldwide, Head of BBC Labs)
Jenny stands on her head everyday.


dhana-150x150Dhana Pawar (Vice President, Mobile, Coupons Inc)
Started Mizpee-mobile bathroom finder. VP Mobile at Coupons.com.


sarah-150x150Sarah Kunst (Web mobile investor, MDV)
Sarah Kunst is an investor, philanthropist and startup obsessive.


cecilia-150x150Cecilia Pagkalinawan (Founder/CEO, Applaud)

Started 3 companies BoutiqueY3k, StyleTrek, Apploud. Ran e-commerce & digital for Burberry and La Perla. Advisor BetaAngels, GiantStep, NextDayBetter. Board Venture4America Music Unites.


jonathan-150x150Jonathan Eibinger (General Partner, BlueRun Ventures)
Jonathan loves the creation process, having started a few companies himself.  Now relegated to investing in others. Two daughters at home outshine my creativity every day.


harper-150x150Everett Harper (Founder & CEO, Tetherpad)

Started two mobile companies, managed community & acquisition at Linden Lab, NCAA soccer champ & Barça fan, will share homemade limoncello if you ask nicely.


alexis-150x150Alexis Giles (MOX, Co-Founder, VP Business Development)
Alexis has worked for 2 tech giants, started 2 companies, lives clean and fights dirty.


christine-150x150 (1)Christine Lu (Co-founder & CEO, Affinity China)
Christine co-organized the first GeeksOnAPlane with @davemcclure. She threw a Dr. Seuss hat on clipart as a joke and he made it the logo.


james-150x150James Maiocco (Director, Microsoft Ventures)
James is a serial entrepreneur and enjoys helping others achieve their dreams.


mark-150x150Mark Ferlatte (Co-founder, Tetherpad)
I make things (software, teams, steak). Sometimes they work!


jeff-tannenbaum1-245x245Jeff Tannenbaum (Investor, Bluerun Ventures)
Jeff has leadership experience building consumer web companies in the entertainment, mobile and technology industries.


Jennifer-150x150 (1)Jennifer Leech (Coder & Co-Founder Tetherpad)
Jen traveled the world for a year while launching her startup.


kirbyKirby Harris (Partner, BaseVentures)
Lost just enough to appreciate winning!


shruti-150x150Shruti Challa (CEO, Mentorzen)
US State Department sponsored Shruti on a three week speaking tour across Sri Lanka & India.


brettBrett Laffel (Principal, Microsoft Ventures)

Brett helped to launch Microsoft’s startup investment arm, and currently serves a Principal @MSFTVentures.


lemkeChristine Lemke (Co-founder, The Activity Exchange)
Christine knows what it’s like to fund your startup on your credit card.


holly-150x150Holly Liu (Co-founder & Chief of Staff, Kabam)
Holly co-founded Kabam – a global rocket ship pushing to new heights. Keeps a usability “bug list” and wacky ways to solve them.


jason_putortiJason Putorti (VP of Design, Causes)
Designed mint.com, co-founded Votizen, would rather be playing soccer.


Obi Felten (Head of getting moonshots ready for contact with the real world, Google[x])
Seven years with startups, seven years Google, beekeeper’s wife, mother of two.


jason1-150x150Jason DePerro (EVP Product, GoBe.Me)
At GoBe.Me we are heads down creating tools to help the 23M American’s find good jobs.


will-150x150Will Young (Director / General Partner, Zappos Labs / VegasTechFund)
I don’t dress like it… but i really do love all things retail/fashion. And donuts.


betsy-150x150Betsy Aoki (Senior Program Manager, Microsoft)
Ask Betsy about games, social and urban chicken blogging!


alice-150x150Alice Han (Self-employed, UX Designer)
Maybe it’s just Middle Child Syndrome, but Alice finds it thrilling knowing people are experiencing her designs worldwide.


raynRyan Stern (CEO, Collectively)
Founder & CEO @CollectivelyInc. A gal with a guy name, I build brands, start-ups, & communities. I love to dream big and prove it possible.


bettyBetty Huang (Partner, Launchtime)
Betty is a Partner in an early stage seed fund and founder of social and ecomm startups.

carrieCarrie Whitehead (Product and User Experience Manager, Zappos Labs)
Excited by the intersection of business and design. Obsesses over great customer experiences. Outdoorsy type. Lives to master the handstand.


robertRobert Schwentker (PayPal, Startup Relations)
Robert is connecting startup incubators across the Americas. Enjoys Natarajasana pose, tho mostly wobbles about.


Photo by Erika Kawamoto Hsu.

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Jess headshot

Jessica Schimm (@JessicaSchimm) is the assistant editor at Women 2.0. She is a recent graduate of San Francisco State where she earned a B.A. in journalism and was the editor-in-chief of SF State’s Her Campus chapter. She has a strong interest in women’s topics and writes about them on her blog.



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