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Wanelo Founder Joins Wet Seal Board

Former Women 2.0 Conference speaker Deena Varshavskaya is joining the board of the teen clothing company.

By Jessica Stillman (Editor, Women 2.0)

In a move re/code’s Liz Gannes described as “a pairing made in teenage-girls-are-our-primary-demographic heaven,” clothing company Wet Seal has announced that Deena Varshavskaya, the founder and CEO of social shopping platform Wanelo,  will join its board, along with DoSomething.org CEO Nancy Lublin and investor Adam Rothstein.

Varshavskaya, who spoke at the 2012 Women 2.0 Conference, brings expertise not only in the teen girl demographic but also in engaging this market segment through mobile, an area where Wet Seal has previously been lagging. Wanelo, on the other hand, is excelling — and driving traffic to Wet Seal. Gannes reports:

Wet Seal, which has 480 stores, recently revamped its website but still only has six percent of its total business online. Meanwhile, it has 218,000 followers on the social shopping community Wanelo, who have added 61,000 Wet Seal products, each of which are saved an average of 281 times. Wanelo is now Wet Seal’s second-biggest social network referrer, after Facebook.

“Wanelo is seeing a lot of momentum with retailers, which is why now is a great time to take an outside board seat. Wet Seal is an example of a retailer who understands the changing nature of the retail industry. They get that the future of shopping is online, where the customer has more choice, convenience and value,” Varshavskaya commented in an email to Women 2.0. “For me, this is an exciting opportunity to lead the industry in gaining a better understanding of what today’s customer expects in terms of a social shopping experience.”

To learn more about the appointments as well as what Lublin and Rothstein bring to the table, check out the re/code post in its entirety or a writeup of the news in California Apparel News.

Jessica Stillman (@entrylevelrebel) is an editor at Women 2.0 and a freelance writer with interests in unconventional career paths, generational differences, and the future of work. She writes a daily column for Inc.com, contributes regularly to Forbes and has blogged for CBS MoneyWatch, GigaOM and Brazen Careerist, among others.




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