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Nest VP, Yoky Matsuoka, to Speak at Women 2.0’s Fall 2014 Conference!

Nest VP and Google X co-founder leads our conference speaker lineup!

By Jessica Schimm (Digital Audience Engagement, Women 2.0)

We’re so excited to bring one of the leading women in technology to the stage for our Fall 2014 “How To” Conference in San Francisco: The Vice President of Nest Technology, Yoky Matsuoka.

Yoky leads the Technology Team at Nest — that nifty and awesome “learning” thermostat of the future everyone wants to get their hands on. Nest not only allows homeowners to control their thermostats remotely, but also learns the temps they like at particular times of the day and changes itself to match their preferences. So how did Yoky end up helping develop the technology of one of the talked about and innovative products of Silicon Valley? She started where most of us do — with the passion at a young age to solve a problem.

Long before “girls” and “STEM” were ever brought into the mainstream conversation, she was already paving the way. Yoky wanted to be a professional tennis star when she grew up. As a college freshman, she dreamed of building a robot that could play tennis with her. This fueled her passion for technology and let her first to UC Berkeley for her undergrad, then to MIT where she earned both an M.S. and PhD in electrical engineering and computer science  from MIT.

Today, Yoky is a mom of four and is one of tech’s greatest influencers. She teaches university students and leads some of today’s largest and most innovative tech companies. Before joining Nest, she was the Head of Innovation at Google.

Here’s a quick rundown on a few more of Yoky’s accomplishments:

She co-founded Google X, was a professor in neuroscience and engineering at Carnegie Mellon University and University of Washington and is a certified MacArthur “genius.” In 2010, she was included in the Top 10 Women to Watch by Barbie, resulting in a doll modeled after her with a career in computer science.

See Yoky on stage at our Fall 2014 “How To” Conference in San Francisco. Grab your ticket now — early-bird pricing ends soon!

Photo via isutech.

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