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Women 2.0 City Meetup Enters a New Tech Hub

We are so excited to bring City Meetups to more cities around the globe. Find out where we’re going next.  

By Jin Zhou (Global Programs Manager, Women 2.0)

The biggest tech scene of our generation may have started in Silicon Valley, but the tech industry (and culture) has spread like wildfire to cities around the globe in the last few years.

We’re a global brand; where there’s tech, there’s Women 2.0. At least, that’s the goal – so we’ve made our way to yet another city outside of the U.S. (exciting! And don’t worry U.S., we have plans to continue to expand in the nation as well).

Tech began to infiltrate this city across the pond a few years ago. It’s been referred to as the ”home away from home”  for big Silicon Valley companies, and New Relic, Linkedin, Amazon, Twitter, Paypal to name a few have all established offices there.

Yep, we’re headed to Dublin, the largest city and capital of Ireland. Facebook and Google have already made a home at the Grand Canal Docks also known as the “Silicon Docks,” Dublin’s own version of Silicon Valley.

We’ve already brought City Meetup to its neighbor, London, and are excited to move into new territory.

But of course, we couldn’t have launched without the help of MasterCard. The event will be on Thursday, Oct. 9th at The Chase. Women 2.0 CEO Shaherose Charania will be streaming in virtually for the launch event and Garry Lyons, Chief Innovation Officer and Head of MasterCard Labs will be speaking, along with other guests.

Photo Credit: littleny / Shutterstock

We can’t wait to boost the tech scene in Ireland. Help us spread the word!

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