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Congrats to Yuru, Our 3rd PITCH Finalist!

Yuru provides a new way to get crowdsourced advice.

By Jessica Schimm (Digital Audience Engagement, Women 2.0)

Our How To conference is less than 20 days away! The full lineup of PITCH finalists has been released, but we wanted to introduce you to each finalist and their co-founders.

Meet Yuru. 3bBREQFl2Y8KZQ3mi5cBV5FaQvOhbZ4HIoLU3gSEMDI

Company Description

Yuru is the modern-day spin on the advice column that’s all about you! Totally personal, and available any time, anywhere, Yuru is a fun, lighthearted platform that allows you to access and share helpful advice on any topic through the power of crowdsourcing.

With Yuru, you can ask questions and share advice either openly or anonymously, without ever fearing judgment or repercussions. Signature categories, Should I? This or That? Have You Ever? and Come Clean, allow for quick-polling and fast feedback. And Yuru’s filters allow you to control who you hear from: only guys, only girls, just friends, just strangers, or even just a specific age range or location. In-platform incentives keep the tone positive, and reward you for giving great advice that people love. Advice has never been so fun!

In the video below, CEO Daphne Hargrove shares what makes Yuru special amongst the rest.

Meet the Founders

Yuru was created by two women who are passionate about building a business that adds real value to the lives of millions.

Daphne Hargrove, CEO, grew up in New York City, and began her artistic endeavors as a professional, principal ballet dancer. An entrepreneur at heart and with passion for creative design, Daphne went on to launch successful businesses which saw her products licensed internationally, and drew international acclaim for her photography. Her business savvy drove her to the top as a sales exec for a Fortune 500 real estate developer. Daphne brings her discipline and skill to Yuru’s product development.

Nicole Randall, CMO, is an award-winning public relations and marketing executive, who brings more than a decade of experience launching international campaigns for top global brands and organizations in tech, healthcare, tourism, and consumer products. She began her career as a journalist and eventually went on to lead the International Communications team at MySpace, and was most recently a Vice President of Corporate and Public Affairs at Ogilvy. She brings her deep expertise in business strategy to Yuru’s growth.

Watch Yuru PITCH live on stage at the Women 2.0 PITCH Competition!

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