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Saluting the Game Changers at the Women 2.0 Awards

a spotlight on innovation

By Shaherose Charania (Co-founder & CEO, Women 2.0)

Since our founding eight years ago, Women 2.0 has watched the tech community evolve, building a groundswell of opportunity. Every day we are watching the tech industry transform every part of the human experience, globally.

Our community, which extends from early-stage founders to developers at mid-size companies, execs at tech giants, to investors, continues to impress and inspire us through their dedication to innovation.  All in the tech community are shaping the future – and Women 2.0 wants to celebrate those standout catalysts who are at the forefront of this change.

To salute them, we’re establishing The Women 2.0 Awards: a tribute to the leaders and visionaries who are shaping the future of technological disruption.

This is the beginning of a recurring event that will put forth more role models in technology, which, we hope, will influence the next generation of innovators.We invite you to join us as we raise a toast to those in our community who are leading the future of innovation.

The nominees for The Women 2.0 Awards are individuals whom we believe to be game-changing leaders in the industry; leaders who are impacting innovation at a national and global scale. Our honorees include:

  • founders who are challenging norms
  • corporate icons who are leading business differently
  • investors who are making the funding process more accessible
  • trailblazers who are leaving their legacy on the industry
  • storytellers who are giving the rest of the world a glimpse inside our industry and examining it critically

For years, we’ve identified top innovators, future leaders and promising companies through our conferences, local City Meetups and PITCH competition, and now we’re stepping back and paying tribute to the impact-driving work of our community.

The Women 2.0 Awards will acknowledge our industry’s catalysts and game-changers while inspiring the new wave of technology leaders. Join us to meet the people who have helped elevate opportunity and diversity in tech, and to connect with the next generation of innovation.

300 women and men in tech. 12 awards. One night with a room full of the brightest minds involved in technology. It is a night to be proud, be inspired and celebrate.

Know a person or company to nominate? Go ahead, nominate who YOU think deserves the recognition. Spread the word to your networks!

Celebrate innovation with us on Feb. 12, 2015. Get your tickets to The Women 2.0 Awards before they sell out.

p.s. Want to write about the event? Check our official press release for details.



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