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Have You Nominated a Founder for the Women 2.0 Awards?

We want you to help us find five founders to recognize by January 8th! By Shaherose Charania (Founder & CEO, Women 2.0)

At Women 2.0 we live in the future.

And in our future, people won’t say “female founder.” They will simply say “founder” as there won’t be a need to recognize the difference.

In our future, there is an equal mix of men and women in the tech industry, and a diverse range of talented individuals get recognized for their achievements in tech.

This is the foundation behind The Women 2.0 Awards. We invite you to live in the future with us by nominating an outstanding founder of a tech company who you think deserves recognition.

Five founders will be awarded on stage at The Women 2.0 Awards. We encourage you to nominate a founder as many times as you’d like – the more nominations a founder has – the higher their chance of being considered.  The five will be chosen by a closed-door Women 2.0 committee. This award category was inspired by our Founders to Watch series.

So hurry and get your submissions in! The deadline to nominate founders is January 8.

P.S. Founders – fill out this form. If you launched in 2014 we may include you in our end of the year launch list (to be published in January). Photo by Elvina Beck.

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