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10 iPhone Apps That Make Any Entrepreneur’s Life Easier

Some of them are right under your nose.

By Caren Merrick (Founder & CEO, Pocket Mentor)

As an entrepreneur, corporate board member, and mom of two teenage sons, I have ambitious goals that motivate and inspire me. I’m always looking for opportunities to streamline my work and get the important things done.

The right mobile apps are indispensable for work and life. For me, the definition of an awesome app is one that easily integrates with my busy life and produces results quickly without a lot of fuss.

I have found 10 essential apps that propel me forward to achieve demanding goals. Some of these apps are right under your nose — but may be overlooked and probably underutilized.

1. Podcasts App

Entrepreneurs need a steady dose of inspiration and motivation from people who have been there and done that. Listening to podcasts is perfect for this.

I listen to podcasts daily. My favorite ones are the EntreLeadership podcast, Michael Hyatt’s This is Your Life, and Gretchen Rubin’s Happier. I also listen frequently to TED Talks.

All of these are free and you can listen to them while driving, working out or doing mundane tasks. I get several excellent ideas each time I listen.

2. TurboScan

This app is essential for those frequent and unavoidable legal documents that must be signed. There are many options in this space, but I like TurboScan because it’s easy to use and keeps a file of all the documents I’ve signed.

3. Uber

I live in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, famous for it’s traffic and congested roads. I use Uber often so that I can get work done while traveling to business meetings. It’s even helped get our son from point A to point B when our carpool plans won’t work.

4. Notes

Many entrepreneurs and writers love Evernote, but I find that the simple Notes app on my phone is much easier to use. I’ve written full draft articles, and made notes on key business ideas in between errands or while waiting at the orthodontist’s office!

It may not sound sexy, but it’s stress free and it works for me.

5. TripIt

This is one of those rare apps that actually lives up to its claims to “automagically create a master itinerary for every trip for instant access to all your travel plans.” It keeps track of every detail when I am on-the-go. It’s shareable with colleagues and family. too.

6. TripAdvisor

I don’t plan a business trip without this app. Wherever I travel for business or fun, I check it frequently for ideas on dining and interesting activities. It’s actually a great app to use in the city where you live for exceptional opportunities you may not have found on your own.

7. Life360

Life360 Is an app that lets you know where family members are. This is very helpful for busy entrepreneurs trying to balance family life, as it saves a lot of time tracking family members down.

8. Your Bank’s Mobile App

Not every business customer or partner does e-banking. With your bank’s mobile app, daily or weekly deposits are done in a flash.

9. Unroll.Me

Entrepreneurs are curious by nature. Many of us have lost track of the hundreds of content outlets we have subscribed to over time. Unroll.Me helps you unsubscribe from those emails you no longer need or want.

The app also manages your email subscriptions by rolling them up so you can read them when you want to.

10. FamZoo

This is a wonderful app that enables you to teach your kids to learn financial management in a way that fits in with your busy life. You can automatically deposit their allowance or extra earnings into their account(s).

Our kids have three FamZoo accounts — one for savings, spending and charitable donations. We get a weekly email with an update on balances and additional teaching tips. We can also check their balance at any time.

In conclusion, entrepreneurs need mobile apps that power not only their work but their lives. Like most people, I have dozens of mobile apps on my smartphone, but find I use only a handful of them every day. These 10 are the most useful. I hope you find them to be useful in your professional and personal life as well!

Your turn: Which apps are essential for you?



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