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Women 2.0 interviews Emily Moran from Workfast.

What is the main problem that Workfast is looking to solve?

Workfast was born out of necessity. It allows a business to hire a vetted pre interviewed worker on demand. Having access to a pool of thousands of workers and hiring them when you want is an advantage to help manage business needs. It solves problems such as staffing levels and payments. Through our software we create efficiencies and in doing so can offer a saving of up to 70% over traditional agencies.

What type of customers do you serve? Why is your solution uniquely positioned to address their problem?

We serve customers that are in retail, hospitality through to warehousing, construction and mining. There is a broad range of industries and we are growing at 50% a month. Our solution really is unique in the industry. We solve temp staffing issues through a technology first methodology. We also pride ourselves on being customer focused and super fast in looking after everyone. Our workers are great. They love working through us and we get excellent feedback. We also believe strongly in diversity and we create a workforce that is equal and fair in sex and race. The one constant, however, is ability and if you are a great worker you will rise to the top and get more work.

What is a typical day like at Workfast?

I have to laugh–it is absolutely frantic. As I said before we are growing at 50% a month and we need to hire staff and build the business and software to manage the growth.

What is one thing that’s surprised you as the company has grown and developed?

What surprised us the most is the reception from both sides of the market workers and workplaces. It seems there is a big disconnect. Workplaces cannot find great employees and great workers can’t get in contact with the right person to find a job. It is also quite surprising how large and fragmented the industry is: there is a a big opportunity for technology to create efficiencies and savings.

What are some resources that have been helpful as Workfast has grown?

The main resources we have found of value are the existing legacy job board sites and the existing marketplaces for workers and jobs. Usually each sector has a marketplace we can learn from. Like clothing and eCommerce has eBay and Amazon, employment has Jora and indeed. There is much to be learned from these existing operations.

What’s next for Workfast and how can our community offer support?

What’s next for Workfast is that we are going to build international versions of the App so you can carry your account through several countries. If you’re traveling you can work in the US, Australia and the UK.

Emily Moran is Company Manager at Workfast. She has been working in tech startups for the past 5 years. She was previously working in advertising and programmatic buying, where she learned the skills needed to manage teams on digital products. She also worked in a logistics startup before moving to Workfast where she is a bit of an all-round star. 

Workfast is an On Demand labour hire and temp agency. Providing labour solution which flexible and cost effective. Workfast’s technology manages workers through our digital platform and online App, allowing companies to save up to 20% on staffing costs while managing productivity better through a flexible labour market. Visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

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