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Want to Go to Coding Bootcamp? Check Out Programs That Offer Scholarships for Women

Thanks to scholarships sponsored by those who want to close the tech gender gap, there are plenty of opportunities to attend coding bootcamp — so you have no reason not to get learning!

By Tatiana Tylosky (Education Advisor, Thinkful)

A lot of people in tech are passionate about changing the ratio of men to women in tech. Many coding bootcamps provide scholarships for women to cover all or part of tuition and living expenses. Coding bootcamps are eager to have women apply so that more women can get into the tech field.

In fact, if you’re a particularly outstanding candidate, some bootcamps will look at applicants on a case-by-case basis for additional financial aid, so don’t let finances stop you from applying.

Below is a comprehensive list of bootcamps that provide scholarships for women and the specifics about each. If you’re a women looking to make a transition and learn how to program, I highly recommend checking out some of these bootcamps:

  • Bitmaker Labs  (Toronto): They offer a Web Development course and a User Experience and Interface Design course starting. Check out their  Grace Hopper Scholarship for Women in Computing.
  • Code Core  (Vancouver): They currently offer a Rails Bootcamp and an iOS Bootcamp. CodeCore offers scholarship grants to the under-represented demographic of women in the industry through organizations such as Canadian Women in Communications.
  • Codeup (San Antonio, TX): They offer classes on the LAMP stack (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) and  three scholarships to aspiring women at 50 percent off tuition for every class.
  • Coding Campus  (Provo, UT): Their program focuses on Python due to the language’s popularity in Utah. Their website states that  “offer three individual scholarships for Women, Minorities and Military Personnel.”
  • Dev Bootcamp (New York, Chicago, San Francisco):   Among many other web development languages you will learn Ruby on Rails! They have partnered with Girl Develop It to offer a $2,500 Girl Develop It Scholarship
  • DevPoint Labs  (Salt Lake City, Las Vegas): DevPoint Labs has two different bootcamps, Web Development and iOS and offer a  $2,000 Scholarship for Women.
  • Flatiron School  (New York): Flatiron School is a great place to learn Web and iOS Development. Their website states that  “grants and scholarships available for students from underrepresented groups like females and minorities.”
  • General Assembly (London, Sydney, Boston, San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong, Los Angeles): General Assembly offers a Google Fellowship for Women Scholarship via their Opportunity Fund, which consists of a $8,500 tuition subsidy for their Web Development program. The scholarship is available for students at the New York City location.
  • Hackbright Academy *females-only bootcamp* (San Francisco): This uniquely female-only bootcamp currently focuses on teaching Python and they provide  “need-based scholarships” and “partial scholarships to a limited number of students.”
  • Hacker School *free* (New York):  This “writer’s retreat for programmers” doesn’t teach a specific program, but gives its student the opportunity to work on a project of their choosing for a 12 weeks. There is are need-based grants for living expenses for women.
  • Ironhack  (Miami, Madrid, Barcelona):  Check out Web Development and iOS courses as well as a €1,000 scholarship for Women.
  • Launch Academy  (Boston): Launch Academy teaches Ruby and offer a  $500 dollar discount for women.
  • Makers Academy  (London): Makers Academy teaches Ruby on Rails and offers a £500 scholarship for women.
  • Metis  (New York, Boston):  This Ruby on Rails in-person bootcamp is staffed and curated by developers guided by Kaplan’s education metrics. There is a $2,000 scholarship for women.
  • Nashville Software School  (Nashville):  The school operates two bootcamps: one for Web Development Foundations and one for Software Development Foundations (centered around Ruby on Rails). “Grants and scholarships are available for students from underrepresented groups like women and minorities.”
  • Refactoru  (Boulder): RefactorU is a bootcamp that focuses on JavaScript as well as Node.js (they also teach Python on the backend). They currently offer a 20 percent discount ($2,700 value) for women.

For more information on bootcamps in the U.S. and worldwide, check out Thinkful’s bootcamp finder.

This post originally appeared on Thinkful.

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