Investing in paradigm-shifting consumer tech ventures that create evolved human experiences for the mass consumer market. Such ventures focus on the future of self, social, or space. As a pre-seed venture fund with a foundry model, we do not fund or incubate external companies, but rather expertly ideate, design, and seed new companies in-house. As a futurist foundry, we particularly specialize in incubating new consumer ventures 18+ months ahead of market.

Location: San Francisco & Los Angeles

Best piece of investment advice: Look to the future, and listen to the needs of the market. The signals that point to the biggest markets, technologies, and innovations of the future are all out there, but you just have to notice them. The markets are constantly changing and evolving, so sharpen your foresight, and keep that investment lens crystal clear.

Fun fact: She is also the co-founder of, the first and only futures consultancy exclusively serving the VC and startup ecosystems.